Are women better traders?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pirate, Nov 13, 2006.

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    "THE first fund to invest in hedge funds solely run by women is about to be launched in America as new analysis claims that they perform better than funds run by men.

    The Business can reveal that Pomegranate Capital, run by chief executive Susan Solovay, has identified 250 female hedge fund managers across the world and has gained backing from the Monaco-based Safra family and Fortress, the private bank. Solovay is currently on a marketing trip to win more investors.

    Solovay commissioned extensive academic research into the performance of hedge funds run by women and claims that it showed that women fund managers performed consistenly better than those run by men"

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    I think in 10 years the number of women traders will be huge compared to today. Women today are in many professions where only a couple decades ago were dominated by men.

    Women have realized that life is no longer in general being barefoot and pregnant. Face it what future was there for a Lady to not educate herself and end up marry a beer belly slob. Why marry a loser just so he can have a jump when he feels like it?

    Women decided that it was best to stand up for themself and be counted, women decided unless they stood up and spoke out that the men would always be on top.

    Those days are long gone, today many men are insecure and cringe when they see or meet a lady of class.

    Women will be in the trading game big time. OK, time to make some bacon. I mean after all i admire women with brains and dough. ...:) :) :D
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    The ego factor in women is much smaller than in males, thus they get out of a losing position faster.

    Example: Cramer's wife...
  4. But they also tend to be more emotional than males and more risk averse, to me this would lead to fear of putting on risky trades.
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    pretty unbelievable.

    isn't this f'ing discrimination and sexism?!

    had someone commissioned the same report and announced the same plan only vice versa, the EEOC, and a parade of smelling, hairy arm-pitted, bare chested women would be all over them

    get used to it fellows, women are a protected class, which means we are the only target that is fair game.

    damn broads ...
  6. You know there was another set of data that showed women engineers had more rewarding careers than male engineers. Does that say something about female engineers? Maybe, but maybe it's also that any female who goes in engineering knows exactly what she wants while half the men going in engineering are chasing the pot of gold. Statistics mean nothing by themselves.
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    how do you become a "protected class" in trading ? either you are good, or you are gone. where is the threat ? i have traded profitably for 13 years, now. No one i work with cares about my sex, just my results.

    as it should be.
  8. ah hem... as a woman myself, i agree with the preceeding posts but not this one. actually, women as traders tend to be less emotional than men, not moreso. men have HUGE egos, therefore tend to always want to be right. this can be a HUGE impediment to trading.

    of course vo would have to make the argumentative statement....ever the stirrer upper....
  9. I heard they have a lot of great ideas going on in that fund. Like the 3 strikes and your out if you don’t put down the toilet seat. I hear when you come in each morning someone will ask you what you’re thinking repeatedly and tell you your ass does not look fat. I heard they plan decorate the office pink and have unicorn pictures on the walls too.
  10. c'mon, now tell us what you REALLY think!

    that's really something, the most priveleged group in the world talking about protected classes....the reason the same thing wouldn't fly in reverse is because everyone knows who the REAL power belongs to...they're just humoring those with less power (i.e. women and other so-called protected groups) to make them think they're more in charge than they are. some of us, however, have no illusions about what's really going on....
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