Are Woman better traders/investors then Men?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mahram, Jun 30, 2005.

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    From what I have read women who had the inclination to invest generally did not feel as certain about their investing prowess as men did and subsequently made LESS transactions.

    With that being said , there was a HIGH correlation between frequent transactions and poorer performance results in every study I have read.

    Also having less convictions about being right , means one is less inclined to attempt riding a loss for a disaster
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  2. I agree with that.
    Also majority of women are scared of taking risks or/and don't know what do do.Many women are not multi tasking, expecially when ilogic is involved. They are good cooks and money spenders, but majority of them, not more then that.
    They are also very imature until they reach 30's or ven later.
    Women have more intuition the men, but they more emotional then men.
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    Who taught him about trading? :)
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    I think it's the opposite. I'm in the mid 20's, and I think it's almost impossible to find a men at this age to be more mature than me...

    yes, this is correct.

    I agree that women are not meant for trading. They tend to be more emotional, have less common sense, and are scared of taking risks...BUT
    women who managed to overcome these issues have the potential to be very successful, just because their way of thinking is so different than mens.
    We are better psychologists, we also have that "6th sense" men don't have.
    I very often look at the data/TA, and see a picture of what "should happen next" (according to the available data/TA), and that picture is far different from what I "feel" will happen.
    I try to find a confirmation for my "feeling" within the data/TA, and I often fail to find one.

    Mens decisions are driven by strong rules/knowledge/discipline/right risk managment. These are very important rules, but in certain market conditions, these rules will only help you to avoid the losses, but won't help you to generate profits.
    You're trying to become the "perfect robots", often using mechanical systems to help you take the right decisions.

    see, for me, the market is all about emotions, it's all about suckers trying to take away your money, loosers making the same mistakes over and over again, and "wanna-be-smart-guys" that will never admit they're wrong.
    When trading, I often put myself in a position of a sucker. I carefully analyse the data you and your systems see, and think: "what would I do to screw the bulls and bears at the same time? what sort of twist should I come up with?"
    ...believe me, it works, very often against all odds, TA, and whatever else you or your systems pay attention to.
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    ok, then what about trannys, are they better or worse?
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  7. I think gay was more appropriate. women are here.
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  9. Worse. They can't pull the trigger, if ya know what I mean.
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  10. hmm, so i wonder who are better traders, Gay men or lesbian women. And i wonder, of all the sucessful women traders are they more likely to be lesbians or bi-sexual than straight?
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