Are Woman better traders/investors then Men?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mahram, Jun 30, 2005.

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    Well that about covers the investor side, and here is a trading pattern noticed over the years;
    subject to change.

    Depends on the woman, but some clearly excel, like those in my school typing class, Active Trader Magazine, SFO magazine, Jack Schwager & Art Collins & Robert Koppel ,books .

    Bottom line, some are like my Mom & banker Dad;
    we had better thing to do on saturday/sunday than spend it all on banking business.

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  2. depends on the female.

    I find being a trader requires a special type of personality

    not many MALES have it
    not many FEMALES have it as well.

    You almost have to be robotlike to be successful in trading, thats not normal and goes against most personalities of the human kind :)
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  3. Grandma,

    I taught Electric everything he knows :)

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  4. do you think the reason some woman are really really good its because they could think like men but come up with diffrent conclusions? It could be that woman have a whole diffrent brain chemistry that give them an advantage. It could be the whole herd mentality where all the men as a group think alike,the contrarian view :D....and heres a controversial question are woman traders more likely to be beautiful then not for some reason :D

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  5. How can any of you seriously say women are better traders than men...unless those of you posting have your wife over your shoulder watching what you type. :D Trader monthly 100.....1 women on it and 99 men. Do you think that that is just coincidental? Look at other things too. Chess...another game you have to use your brain, is also male dominated. Most countries are run by men, I also remember reading a little while ago that out of the fortune top 1000 companies only 11 had women CEOs. And the fortune top 500 companies only had 2 women CEOs. Men are just better business minded...this is not an attack on women for those of you women out there...(and men with wives over your shoulders) this is just the facts.
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  6. I sincerely hope that the prejudiced male traders who posted above do not have any daughters; they demonstrate a profound ignorance that relegates women to second-class status. The matter of whether one gender is more accomplished than the other at a given task is a separate question from whether one gender is more attracted to that task than the other. Despite the advances of women in the professional world, there is still a significant social bias in America (and in other countries I would guess) that steers boys toward material/job success and girls toward marriage and family--boys toward taking risks and reaping rewards, and girls toward stability through dependence on others. Acknowledging that bias, it's not a mystery why ET is visited predominately by males and why my wife's sewing and child-rearing messaging boards are populated mostly by women. There are certainly men who are very accomplished at sewing and parenting, and there are obviously very successful female traders right here on ET--individuals who are sufficiently broad minded to overcome their gender programming and do something they enjoy.

    On a separate matter, female traders, please post titty-pics along with your P/L statements in the future.

    Just kidding.

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  7. Prejudice is defined as "An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts." I gave the facts about women accomplishments. As of ARE better traders than women. Also better CEOs & Chess players. This is a fact...Maybe one day Women will be just as good as men at trading and such things but right now they are not and the track record proves it.

    Or maybe women arent better traders because as soon as they make a 1000 dollar profit they go out and spend it on shoes so they can never build up their accounts. JUST KIDDING! :)
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  8. It depends on your definition of "better". I'd wager that if you created a list of the 100 worst traders, men would comprise the vast majority of that as well. So, yes, in terms of the top 100 traders (according to this list), the men dominate. Is it possible that a higher % of women are profitable or lower % blow up then men?

    Just playing devils advocate...
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  9. karol88


    :D successfully SHORTING your bf/husband's wallet (despite him bitching about it over and over again), is one of the skills that's useful in trading. We can be very deceiving :)
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  10. What would you consider as "worst traders" Someone that trades there account to zero? Or someone that built their account to 600 million over 10 years but then lost 500 million last year? If its the latter then men would make up the majority of "worst traders" but only because women could never get their accounts high enough to compete. I think its been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that men are better as for INVESTORS...Well..of all the girlfriends i have had they have all been bad at making money...So bad that they get into my wallet heh heh. Oh wait...women have suze orman...Hmm how come we havent seen her P/L statement? I think that someone who gives so much financial advice and talks so confidently about it, that she would tell us what trades she is in. Could it be she makes her money selling books? I wonder why she doesnt just tell everyone else to write books and get rich, because thats how she did it. Im not saying that there are not good women traders/investors out there, because i believe there are just saying..on average men are better
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