Are Woman better traders/investors then Men?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mahram, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Of course women are better traders! Haven't you heard of uh, hmmm, can't think of one right now, but anyways, in today's society we need to encourage trading diversity and start handing out participation trophies to minority traders even if they lose money. Maybe we can enlist the Rainbow Coalition to demand more female traders in the hedge fund business! How about a commercial produced by the NASD where a white person, a female, an African-American, and an Asian person are happily chatting in front of a Level II screen and discussing the politically correct trade for the day?
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  2. mrmoose


    some of the biggest men i ever met were female traders
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  3. K.C.


    Is that washing the dishes or ironing?
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  4. On this forum there is so much talking about traits an good trader should have. Also numerous books about that subject too.

    I never gave it a second thought, but to me it was always evident that all bad traits a trader could have are typically male, and all desirable traits are female. Just check your lists and compare.

    I think CharlieDow's remarks are on target, re: long-term vs. scalpers.

    It must be the type of woman you machos attract, because the ones I know are very well able to keep cool and handle risk (ie. handling = fair balanced estimate vs. handling = standing your ground proving you'r right).

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  5. Uhm I have no clue where you get that women are focused, methodical and patient. Quite the opposite, they are not patient, far from focused and quite illogical. Well, at least feminine women.

    You must be talking about "women" that were actually men born in female bodies.

    That being said, one of the top traders in our group is a girl. She trades like a machine, a hardcore scalper, quite the opposite of the opinion that women are better long term traders. Good looking too and a nice body.
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  6. There are exceptions to every rule. And it depends on the game you are playing as to the rule book you use.

    As to the girl in your group, she is probably a great person and gorgeous but will probably never win "Mother of the Year", doesn't appreciate classical music and hardly ever does anything at less than light speed. How did I know that?
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  7. You don't know what you're talking about but I was able to tell that from your previous post. Just did not want to say it like that before.
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  8. From my experiences women tend to let go of their ego much easier but they can also be too stubborn under certain circumstances (especially the european ones). Regardless, no ego = good, stubborness = bad.

    Which set of flaws should the focus be on? Men and women both have ingrained positive and negative tendencies, both need to retrain their mind to trade well.

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  9. I'm sorry. She did win "Mother of the Year", does like Bach and is a very calm and easy going person. I mis-spoke.

    I guess if I were to choose a mate that was a trader, she would be a long-term or swing trader or even a daytrader that is methodical in choosing trades but definately not a scalper.
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  10. RXIS


    women have big egos too. really big ones
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