Are Woman better traders/investors then Men?

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  1. I remembered reading an old article on woman in the trading world. It was talking about why there are so few woman traders compared to Men. However the woman that are traders, are usually superior traders compared to men. The reason that there are so few great woman traders, its because when those woman are about to reach the level where they are great to just phemenomal they decide to start families. So we never hear about the female soros and jimmys of the world. The other reason why woman are better traders its because they think diffrently and behave diffrently but could also think like men at the same time, it gives them an edge on the men. Is that true, and is it generally woman are better traders then men?
  2. -It's not an art, to be trading with Husband/boyfriend capital.

    Woman are good for one thing only that i know.
    (I'm expecting if not ElectricSavent, his wify is going
    to respond to this thread any moment) :p
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    Didn't the subject of the last issue of SFO about women traders? I believe someone in the mag made a claim that women have better personalities for trading. It's a stupid claim. Every women I've been with couldn't handle financial risks. That doesn't mean I'm going to say that women can't handle risk. bleh

    i've known women who would float to the guy with a fatter wallet. Thats a trade.
  4. To make it simple, have you seen how a woman reacts
    when she drops a coin? She screams aeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:D
  5. I think women are better long-term-investors. With a good intuition, they can successful wait out drawdowns in stocks and even options. But that isn't possible at short-term trading futures, there you have to switch off your feelings and comply with your stops. Scalping futures is men's work.
  6. It's obvious the type of women you migrate to. An opinionated, independent and intelligent woman would intimidate the poop out of you. :D

    Successful traders are patient, methodical, focused and determined. Those are traits that men must acquire and fine tune. For women, it's part of their DNA. :eek: Men make better scalpers because it is a trait akin to a one night stand. No commitment (thinking) needed.
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    As an investor; no!

    I think the phrase from BoilerRoom says it all

    "Never pitch the Bitches"

    Its true, i´ve exp. this myself as an former retail broker, they are a true nightmare, crying in the phone bc they didnt like(??) the price paid etc.
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    "Fools' work", more precisely :D
  9. why don't you guys post your trading statements like i do and lets see. your use of stereotypes are so old and the use of the word "Bitches" is distasteful.
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    LOL...:p I have had woman SHORT my wallet considerably. Isn't that a trade?...And they always seem to find the bottom. Good exit!:D
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