Are whole numbers what they used to be?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cashonly, Jun 5, 2008.

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    It used to be that whole numbers held a particular strength for intraday traders for support or resistance, and to a lesser degree 25s and 50s.

    This was more the case with NYSE, but also with NASDAQ to some degree.

    But now, with RegNMS, multiple market centers, dark pools, and everything else that has developed over the last few years, it seems that this has changed.

    Do you find that these numbers have any significance for intraday traders on a support/resistance basis anymore?

  2. certainly the 200 sma is usually always tested/acts as strong support/resistance and its slope is always important.

    I don't pay attention to many other MA's
  3. He means THE FIGURE. dum dum da
  4. I still see it in most cases. at .5 and figure.