Are we living better than 100 years ago?

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  1. I was reading this article today about warren buffet in

    And in the article he says ""We've got a wonderful economy... There's never been anything like that in the history of the world. We live seven times better than the people did a century ago on average..."

    My question is...what does that mean that we live 7 times better? We live better because what....we have TVs and microwave dinners? In the old days people lived and worked at home on their farms. They got to be around their families all the time. Now both parents work at least 10 hours per day counting traveling time so they can buy a big house that they are never in because they are working. They work hard so they can buy that $30-40k car that they really only get to drive to and from work because they have no time to enjoy it.

    Yes its true we have more we have a ton of choices of what we can eat. But with that, we have an obesity rate of 60%+ So is being fat living better? Is working hard to buy stuff that you dont get to use that often living better? Is sitting around looking at porn on your computer living better? Is getting married & divorced 3 times in your lifetime living better?

    So where is the living better part? Show me.
  2. ?, electricity, transportation, appliances, heating/cooling/refrigeration, medicine, purer is much less physically grueling. In olden times, wealthier people tended to be fat, poorer people were skinny. Today, it is the opposite. :cool:
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    Physical activity is not something negative, I ride a bike, run/walk in forests, lift weights more/less 7 days a week.