are we just making things complicated?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gordon Gekko, Sep 13, 2002.

  1. this may not make much sense, but i'm just going to speak my mind........

    i truly believe the markets are like chaos theory. the bottom line here is, uptrends will occur, downtrends will occur, sideways will occur. these movements will be happening at all different timeframes and they can (and probably do) differ from eachother at different timeframes.

    we have no idea when a trend is going to start or end..and we also have no idea when sideways movement will start or end. all we know is that these movements will happen. an indicator is not going to predict which movement will occur when. all you can do is take a position and DEAL with what ever happens. therefore, as many have said, price is really the only thing that matters. an indicator is just another way of looking at price or a delayed version of it.

    this brings me to my next point. do we need indicators and can you trade with them or without them. i say yes to both. HOWEVER, i'm starting to believe the following......... to trade all you need is price. YES, you CAN trade with other indicators, but all you're really doing is making it more complicated. you can either trade with the simple price indicator or you can trade off complicated indicators which are really just price or delayed price.

    so, this is why people are arguing over indicators. some say they're profitable and they don't use them. some say they're profitable and they do use them. both can be true, but my conclusion is that if you're trading with any indicator other than price, you are just making trading more complicated than it needs to be...but yes, you can still do it... but why would you??????

  2. I think you are overanalyzing the markets to such an extent that you will never be able to trade well. You need confidence and a good system and go in and learn. Who cares what kind of system it is called. It could be chaotic, random, random with extra cheese and sausage -- WHO CARES.

    We know people can be consistent in the market, so we have that to go off. So that just leaves you having a system and the discipline to trade it while thinking outside the box.

    So, if you want to make money, go trade. You've been in a library now for weeks. You've read every book, Gordon! :) Now you want to interview the authors of the book. Then, you want to find out who their high-school guidance counselor was to verify the validity of their thoughts and opinions.

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    My thoughts are: How much money are you making trading this way? If you are not making any money trading this way - why would you ask why anyone would trade using an indicator other than price?

    Who cares how/why anyone trades as long as they are making money? Isn't that the point? Not who has the coolest or most simple trading system?
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    I don't think there are any markets open right now. He'll have to wait until Sunday evening. :D
  7. Nice one aphie. Step Two: take your own advice

    you know it's one thing to come here and engage in intelligent discussion on trading whilst still yet to lay some real $ on the line....but quite another when an arm-chair quarterback starts telling others what they ought to be doing..

  8. aphie,

    you're a good guy.. but you keep forgetting one thing.

    I'VE been trading for 3 years. how many real trades have YOU made? and YOU tell ME to trade!!

    hahaha :D
  9. NO DOUBT! While I agree with you that he should stop over complicating things, maybe you are just riding his dick a little too hard???

    You guys are not at all in the same situation, you are still a virgin who is getting ready to be pounded and GG just went through three full years of trial and error; in which he lost REAL money and not the paper shit you are playing with...

    C'mon give the guy a little break... A little time for reflection may be just what he needs...

    WAR and piss poor trading for you aphex,
  10. Oldtrader,

    i would appreciate your thoughts on my post. i think the key to this thread will be the opinions of people who consistently make money. for the people that don't make money, how can you give any advice at all?
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