Are we in the early stages of the next Ice age?

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  1. Its been cold recently, but like everyone else i figured it was just where i live that has been extra cold. Then I'm watching TV and i see that Malibu got snow and so did Las Vegas and forgetabout the east coast, they are popcicles now! Then i see on the news about the philippines and that the temperate the other day got below 50 degrees! (I know that doesnt seem that cold to most of you, but remember that is a tropical country where even when you go to the mountains, the temperature usually only gets down to 65! So this cold weather is actually a world wide event, it looks like. Yet nobody is reporting it on the news (well they are reporting it saying its happing in their countries, but not reporting that its happening to ALL countries.) I thought we were supposed to be in global warming...this aint warm...its freezing! And its not even WINTER yet!!!
  2. For political reasons they have changed the term to climate change, so any deviation fron recent norms or averages up or down can be attributed to man....
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    Apparently we are in the beginning of a cyclical lull in sunspot activity. The last time that happened was the "little ice age" of a few hundred years ago.
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    That's the marketing genius behind the formerly "global warming" movement. They realized that the data is now suggesting that we've been cooling more recently, and may continue into the future. So what do they do???????????

    They re-brand the movement into "CLIMATE CHANGE". How fucking smart.

    Now if it's's climate change.

    If it's cold...........climate change

    Raining..............climate change

    Dry.............climate change

    Floods..........climate change

    Hurricanes........climate change

    Tornados...........climate change.

    Don't you see? It's win/win for them. Now their movement is correct 100% of the time, regardless of what the data suggests. Because the climate is constantly changing.

    What is at the real root of the movement? Anti-capitalism, anit-free market, pro-world goverment, pro-wealth redistribution.

    Plain and simple.
  5. Al Gore is never wrong!!!!

    It will be 75 degrees in Canada by New Years eve!!!!
  6. anecdotal evidence:

    But...maybe the lack of sunspots the last 3 weeks of Nov. did it:)
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    See that is due to climate change. If they were still operating under "global warming", they would have lost that battle.

    I can't wait to hear these fucking crackpot liberals try to tell me that cap-n-trade will affect sun spot production.
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    Excellent answer. During the solar Maunder Minimum the northern hemisphere had a mini ice age. There was a "year with no summer" in the UK.

    Right now there are ZERO sunspots. Pretty weird.

  9. Excellent my natural gas investments should do well. And I live in San Diego... Built in hedge.
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    Maybe global warming and peak oil were both intelligence agency disinformation designed to cut oil consumption and to head off the growing power of Russia and OPEC.
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