Are we gonna get lucky with 10 years of sideways?

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  1. I hope, 10-15 years of the markets going up down but the S&P and DOW staying at the same levels and not going up. This is much nicer than a bull market or bear market.
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    Try trading Fx or Bonds amigo, you can always find a roller coaster ride in another market if S&P puts you to sleep!
  3. The indexes are impacted by the new circuit breakers implemented in june affecting the underlying stocks. Now any stock that moves 10% in value in 5 minutes halts for 5 minutes. Consequently the fast spikes and reversals get throttled and filtered out.

    My observation is the index price oscillations tend to run in a wider band now with fewer directional changes. Don't think we are going to see the wild 2008 type intraday roller coaster rides with these new circuit breakers in place.
  4. I wonder how long these training wheels will last. After the 87 crash they eventually took them out.
  5. People tend to put the "training wheels" back on AFTER a fall, at the worst possible time. :(
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    These markets will be trading sideways for a long time to come, at least another decade or more in my opinion, and even if the markets rally to dow 12,000 or 15,000 or even 20,000 it will be through the creation of bubbles just like the last rallies we have had that were created through the dot com bubble, the commodity bubble, the housing bubble and the latest credit bubble. Any gigantic rally will be met with huge drops in the market going forward for the next decade or two, remember how everyone was buying up the 2007 rally thinking the market was going to go straight up for years to come, well the next thing that happened sent the markets down over 50% and the same thing will happen over and over again due to the fact the only growth this economy experiences is through the creation of bubbles. This latest one is being created right now with bubble ben bernanke keeping rates at 0% and spending trillions.
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    nice weather is great but ...
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    I'll have to agree with you.

    Of course, we'll trade it as it comes.

    It's the long term buy and holders who are slipping away. Sad.
  9. Yeah it probably sucks for people with 401Ks
  10. A lot of people are wishing for doom and gloom. It's easier being short rather than picking a time to go short or long. Lazy bastards ... [​IMG]
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