are we going to run out of shares?

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  1. I think a better question is will we run out of quality shares to own?
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  2. I don't think you understand the sheer size of global economies and companies. Of course, there are plenty of short term "traders" on here that are also confused, thinking the US Fed can control the market and that PPT teams are making what would have to be massive buys of shares to move markets temporarily. The concept of "running out of shares" is meaningless. Shares are just a way of parceling out ownership. Big players who own shares are listed in the public domain and insider trades have to be reported as well. In reality, overall stock markets are like real estate, too big to be manipulated or cornered by any small group of investors.
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    I think the real question I wanted to ask was - why is the S&P not at 6000 right now.. if you can borrow at 2% to buy something yielding 6% (SP earnings), isn't this a sure bet?

    The buy-backs and the privatizations are happening... just wondering why it's not going at a much faster pace.
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    I think this one is worth reviving.... as the answer to my question is now unfolding.
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  5. What's to prevent them? $30 Trillion dollars I'd assume.
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