Are we entering the endgame?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by CrazyBoy, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. CrazyBoy


    Could the USD/CAD AUD/USD GBP/USD EUR/USD all be at parity for the year 2012?

    One world currency?

    Bye Bye retail forex, bye bye little guy?
  2. Get back in your bunker and munch on an MRE, you'll feel much better.
  3. CrazyBoy


    Nah (whatever MRE is??) I'm certain I'd rather overdose on DMT and fry my ass all the way to the ticketmaster, owner of the big ride.

    But anyway, whats that got to do with the topic?
  4. Gcapman


    I'm not sure that the legal framework would even work?

    Besides, currency parity is not a logical reason for currency consolidation.....that is not why the Euro was created.......
  5. CrazyBoy


    Legal frameworks are transient in nature, as with all phenomena at the fragmented level of "reality".

    I disagree, I believe that in order for a smooth transition to occur, parity is the best possible beginning. Check the monthly charts, its screaming parity. Perhaps a lesson learned, or a pre-determined outcome?

    Having said that, everybody has an opinion (thats what makes a market, apparently).
  6. john_fx


    There is too many advantage for companies and countries to have different currencies. There will not be a unique world currency in the next 10years (at least)