Are we doomed to fail?

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  1. Taken from the all-knowing wikipedia, “Economics is the social science that studies the allocation of scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants.” – Operative words here being scarce resources. So what happens when we run out?

    According to Malthusian theory (note, not fact), the human population is growing at such a rate that in the near future, the planet will no longer be able to support the huge numbers.

    Now surely this is common sense? The earth is limited by land, and if we were to simplify the requirements for human existence to its basic forms, we require food and water. So clearly, there is only so much room for growing crops, raising animals, etc.

    So is there going to come a time where poverty is going to widely strike all OECD countries? How will economics allocate resources that are far too scare to support the population? Can there be a price on food such that one wealthy consumer eats, and in doing so “disqualifies” all others from eating?

    But before we see signs of scarce resources on the food front, we will definitely see scarce resources in terms of fuel. The world runs on fuel – without it, the world would literally come to a grinding halt – with no transport, no one will go to work; no one will earn a living; farmers would not be able to produce and deliver on such wide scales; and then what, no one will eat? The two big super powers of the earth, the US and China may go to war to secure strategic oil reserves, and even so, these are temporary measures.

    Can we expect science to save us? The pollution and permanent damage that we are causing the globe by burning fossil fuels will most likely be replaced by dangerous radioactive waste that we can’t dispose of or recycle.

    What of radical government policy? Perhaps we should take a leaf out of China’s book and attempt to bring about global negative population growth so as to buy us some time. Or maybe we should look toward science fiction and try to find a second planet and start over.

    Even if we do not see the catastrophic side effects of our enormous consumption in our lifetimes, it’s frightening to know that our children, or perhaps our grandchildren will have to deal with our mistakes and find a solution to ensure the survival of mankind.

    Any other opinions, comments and thoughts are welcome!

    Andrew Path
  2. infooo


    don't worry

    our population will decrease drastically due to many problems

    and I do mean earth population not talking about individual nations

    the reason I say don't worry

    our species will survive and continue on

    YOU however won't be there to see it
  3. the New World Order will take care of the problem: the globalists have been planning 80 per cent population reduction since the late 60's.
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    shit, odds are against me

    I better vote Democrat LOL :p
  5. Depends on the defintition of "we".

    I might be out of order, but my take is yes, yes, yes, aint gonna happen , and deal with it.

  6. *Looney conspiracy alert*
    If you're over the age of 15, give it up, pal.
  7. if you weren't so stupid and ignorant you would know that kissinger, the cfr, the prince of wales and even the UN have issued statements urging the necessity of reducing the population by at least 80 per cent. it's them saying it not me. look it up before you pour diarrhea out of your mouth.

    this one bitch from supports china one child policy and population genocide:
  8. LOL!!!! Effin hilarious!
  9. The problem is that whether the hole is too deep to get ourselves out. There are many alternatives that people are proposing that are supposedly going to fix the problem. What has exacerbated this problem is ever desire to improve mankind's quality of life. From cavemen to modern day, humans have always found ways to improve hunting then farm and now genetically modify foods so as to improve efficiency.

    Now is the solution going to fix the existing problem or will it create a new problem and another headache for us all?
  10. Bitstream has all the answers for you: "Blah blah genocide this. New World Order that... blah blah right wing conspiracy... blah blah white rich men are evil... blah blah CFR, Trilateral commission, blah blah Bush's fault!"
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