Are we as a nation so unhealthy that...

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  1. obesity has invaded the ranks of the destitute and homeless?

    Point in case 1: A homeless shelter is near my office. Quite a nice location for a women's homeless shelter, 67th Street between Park and Madison Avenues, NYC. That's the silk stocking district, probably the highest concentration of wealth in the nation in a 1/2 mile radius. Anyway, all the women who enter and leave that shelter are overweight! And all are smoking cigarettes, which are $12 a pack in NYC!

    Point in case 2: Location 56th st and Park avenue. Homeless man inexplicably 40 lbs overweight calls out for help in getting a sandwich. I happened to have 1/2 a sandwich of turkey and swiss on multigrain in my bag. I offered it to the "poor" homeless man. "Here you go, turkey and swiss!" His answer? "No, I don't eat turkey"

    Our homeless are overfed. What kind of homeless is it that you are not hungry and undernourished?

    I think that if you are homeless and destitute, you should be destitute. Agreed?
  2. You're stupid, it wouldn't have mattered if you had offered a private chef fix him a filet mignon. He still would have refused because he wanted "your cash" ya dope.
  3. I know what he wanted. I was pointing out the hypocrisy you immunocompromised cocksucker.
  4. Where's that coming from?
  5. Ricter


    The poor are fat because of the kind of food they have ease of access to and thus tend to eat most. Toss in comfort eating for stress and depression and you have a recipe for fat.
  6. Yes, that is probably correct. Empty calories are in abundance regardless of one's financial position and are more easily obtainable than those from nutritious food. Sadly, it takes a concerted effort and diligence to maintain good eating habits today. But still, turkey and swiss with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle on multigrain? What kind of bum turns that down? I suppose beggars can be choosers.

    Yeah, PT, I know, I'm stupid. Thanks, goodnight, have a pleasant eruption.