Are trading rules subject to copyrights

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  1. DanfrmNY


    I want to put up my trading rules including strategies, setups, trade management and risk management on my personal blog.
    Since most of them are either gained from books that i have read or shared by other traders can I be Infinging Copyrights or Intellectual property Laws ??

    Please advise.
  2. lindq


    A formula (trading rule) can't be trademarked or copyrighted.

    What you need to be concerned with is directly reproducing text from another source without crediting the author. So if in doubt, give credit and you won't be at risk.

    If it is your intention to charge money for your blog, then you are at another level of risk because you may be perceived as making money off the work of others. So you will want to get permission from the authors before posting anything that is directly derivative of their work. As always, if in doubt, get permission or be ready to defend yourself.
  3. emg


    u can waste your time patent your system.

    Let me give u a hint:

    No system last. Need to keep changing everytime because the market always change.
  4. Didn't you forgot to mention that 99.99% of all traders LOSE?
  5. emg


    thank u nyobscapler

    More than 90% of small traders lose in a "Spectacular Fashion." They just lose!!

    I would say, patent your system is consider "Spectacular Fashion."

    Good luck in trading
  6. I own the 200 day MA cross. Patent #1287264392

    The royalties are pretty nice, highly recommended.

    In all seriousness, unless you ever signed a non disclosure agreement with a mentor or whomever I don't think you should be too worried about it. Just don't be copy and pasting images and text right from any books. Explain the rules in your own way with your own chart examples.
  7. Handle123


    Other traders that shared with you might not be all too thrilled that you are sharing with the world.
  8. DanfrmNY


    Do I need to permission if I want to quote a line from a book that i have read. I will name the book author and publishing details along with it ?
  9. DanfrmNY


    Its not a system ;)
    Its what i have learned, How did I do it. What works for ME.
  10. DanfrmNY


    Thanks Zr1

    I have not signed any such documents and I intended to explain in my ways in my words.

    Thanks again.
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