Are traders also gamers

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  1. pc, xbox, ps2, ps3, xbox360... anyone?.. if so what games?

    Xbox --> HALO

    ps2 -- > GTA3

    pc --> Counterstrike, everquest, command and conquer
  2. andread


    ut2004. Waiting for ut3
  3. ut kicks ass.
  4. ut ridden with botting scum.
  5. jsmooth


  6. Madden, Fight Night, Halo.
  7. You bet we are gamers

    the one and only game that deserves TRUE awards as a piece of art in this century

    Deus Ex
  8. djxput


    PC - ya what else am I supposed to do while I wait for a market to move? ... Stare at the screen - we know what kind of trouble we can get when we stare at a chart.

    So load up your favorite game and alt-tab out once in awhile to check the progress. Or heck play your fav MMO and dont fill up the whole screen and keep a small quote screen up too :)

    Medievel total war II, commander - europe at war ... are the ones I have been playing atm.
  9. ElCubano


    hell ya we are gamers ......donkey kong, astoroids, pacman, ms. pacman, centipede and my favorite of all time and the one i score in the 300k-400k is Gallaga.....:D
  10. PS2: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom.

    Let me know if you want the cheats.
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