Are too many people predicting Dow 6000

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How low can we go ...

  1. The majority is always wrong, we wont see 6000

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  2. Look out below, 6000 is a foregone conclusion for a reason

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  1. It seems a little too hip to say "oh yeah we will definitely see 6000 on the dow" (especially to condescend to people not in finance).

    Anybody think maybe too many people are saying this for it to actually occur?

    I dont really have a strong opinion that it is so, but it is a sneaking suspicion of mine. Id like to be wrong, just let me back up the truck a few more times below 8000!
  2. I won't happen. Tim Geithner gains of november 21st stll holding. We need to bailout the financials so the market goes up. Less regulation. More risky loans to those who possibly can't afford to pay them back.
  3. S2007S


    Look out below, 6000 is a foregone conclusion for a reason
  4. what you're suggesting can only, eventually, make the markets crash even harder!

    I thought you were a Bull?

  5. Ask not if the Dow will hit 6000, ask what you will do when it hits 4000.
  6. But risk is what drives the economy. lenders need to take more risks, as well as borrowers.
  7. the problem wth multiple aliases is, how many times did stock trad3r vote?
  8. such bearishness in the opinion of the general public is always a bullish sign though..
  9. yeah, but your suggesting stupid risk (like loaning to people who probably won't be able to pay it back). Bad loans are like dominos, the chain reaction of bad loans imploding is what caused the lending to freeze up in the first place.

    There is a huge difference between calculated risk and stupid risk.

  10. Give me a stat that shows that the majority thinks that 6000 is next.
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