Are ThunderGabFly1's delusions of hateful rhetoric both shameful and disturbing?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Steelers Baby, Dec 31, 2009.

Are ThunderGabFly1's delusions of hateful rhetoric both shameful and disturbing?

  1. Yes, he is clearly suffering from some sort of delusions of racism towards Obama on ET

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  2. No, the racism towards Obama on ET is running rampant.

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  1. :confused:
  2. I just searched the words nigger, and niggar (for the racist rednecks who can't spell) and still can not find 1 example of someone on this site calling Obama a nigger, all the guys who thundergabfly1 imagined were here from stormfront must have taken 1 look at all the liberal pussies in here and turned right back around.:D
  3. Gabfly's and Optional777's argument style.

    Step 1. Make completely absurd claim that demonizes your opposition.

    Step 2. Present it as if it is fact.

    Step 3. If they call bullshit, accuse them of being racist.

    Step 4. If the racist claim doesn't work. Blame Bush.
  4. LOL Step 4 is one of the funniest things i have read all day!!! You have just exposed their secret "ace in the hole" play from the playbook now they are gonna be real angry.:D :D

    It is back to the drawing board now they are going to have to figure out a way to blame Dick Cheney, or Sara Palin for the rampant racism going on which they can not seem to find for one reason or another....
  5. Still cant seem to find all this racial hatred on elitetrader....:D

  6. Mag light poster is not here.
  7. There WAS one that I had to delete the other day out of the economics forum. I also banned the user. That is the only one I've personally witnessed.
  8. I have heard several times people trying to say GabFly was Thundermutt. I really don't think it is the case. Thundermutt actually made a lot more sense than Gabfly.

    I am not sure but I have Gabfly nailed as as Insider Trading, a member who was banned a few months ago. Both are really annoying and really uneducated. If you don't believe me look at the slop that InsiderTrading used to post and compare it to GabFly.
  9. Gayfly1 is thunderdog, there is no doubt about it, Thunderdog had a particular style of douchiness that was so revolting it would have been impossible to impersonate, the kind that only many years of complete and utter failure can produce. He likes to go around correcting peoples spelling in an online forum, because it is the only thing that makes him feel smart after years of being a failed trader. He has a pompous dickwad attitude always thinking he is intellectually superior to other people, which comes from many years of being totally shut out from the real world. Instead of looking to try to change himself he points the finger at others and sneers about how stupid THEY are as opposed to ever pointing the fniger at himself and realise that when you go around acting like you are superior to everyone no one wants to be around you. He also blames Bush, and rich people for not ever being able to make any money in the stock market. This is why he is now a democrat because in his mind, after years of failing (due to large corporations and an unfair system) he has now had to resort to collecting food stamps just so he can survive. Now as a failed trader his latest venture appears to be alienating himself over the internet on a trading site even though he does not trade. :) I actually feel sorry for old norman he must live an incredibly sad life.

  10. With thousands of people coming and going daily the odd one can be expected, of course there is racist people out there, i just dont understand where these guys delusions come from about an elitetrader that looks similar to stormfront. Or where they get the idea that elitetrader has all of a sudden become much more racist since Obama got elected. They must be taking their cues from the mainstream media, who seem to think saying YOU LIE is racist.
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