Are these trading strategies supported by major trading systems?

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  1. Hey all, are the following trading strategies supported, including backtesting, by major trading systems like TradeStation and NinjaTrader?

    1. A trading strategy trades more than one financial instrument. For example, a single trading strategy trades both GOOG and RIMM.

    2. A trading strategy trades only one financial instrument, but needs data feed of another financial instrument. Not necessarilly pairs trading, but something like you trade MSFT with several indicators, one of which is based on GOOG. (I know there's little correlation between these two, but just as an example)
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    Both are certainly available via Ninja.
  3. Yes in Ninja trader. Not totally obvious but if you search around you can find some examples.
  4. both are supported in tradelink....

    different than these other platforms, tradelink is 100% free and open source.

    also tradelink supports tick-based trading, has super-fast backtesting, and again is 100% free in all situations.

    google tradelink project
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    These requirements are pretty basic. The last time I checked the only popular trading platform that didn't support these was TradeStation.

    P. S. People call software for automating trading strategies "trading platform". "Trading system" is usually synonymous to trading strategy.
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    InvestorRT at is excellent at backtesting strategies with multiple symbols, multiple timeframes. I will often backtest a portolio of hundreds of equity symbols, referencing data of other market measures such as VIX, etc. in multiple timeframes. Their coding language is easy to learn and use.