Are these top 10 largest CTAs?

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  1. Are these really top 10 largest CTAs?
    Largest CTA Firms

    We asked veteran investor Richard Bornhoft, head of Equinox Fund Management and The Bornhoft Group, for his selection of top commodity trading advisors. He provided a list - not a ranking - of the largest CTA firms in the world. We've added comments.

    Winton and QIM are components of the MutualHedge Frontier Legends Fund managed by Mr. Bornhoft - see Inside Talk and Regulator.

    Earlier this year we published a similar list chosen from the components of the Altegris 40 index - the Top Ten in Opalesque Futures Intelligence January 7, 2010. Most of the names are the same as in that ranking, but not all.

    Firm >>> Comment

    Man AHL >>> See interview with chief executive Tim Wong in Opalesque Futures Intelligence, February 24, 2009.

    BlueCrest >>> Owned 25% by Man Group, assets are around $15.5 billion.

    Bridgewater >>> Total company assets are approximately $88 billion, but that includes all investments, not just futures trading.

    Winton >>> Assets were reported as $13.7 billion as of July 2010.

    Transtrend >>> A subsidiary of Robeco Groep, with $9 billion under management (including notional funds).

    FX Concepts >>> Assets were reportedly $8 billion as of August 2010.

    Graham Capital >>> See interview with manager Ken Tropin in Opalesque Futures Intelligence, March 10, 2009.

    Quantitative Investment Management (QIM) >>> Assets were reportedly $5 billion as of February 2010.

    Aspect >>> See interview with manager Martin Lueck in Opalesque Futures Intelligence, February 10, 2009.

    Brummer & Partners >>> The managed futures program assets were around $2 billion earlier this year. The firm has other funds.

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