Are these realistic results?

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  2. You are netting less than $8 per trade, any amount of slippage would quickly make this a losing strategy. Also you have 5 days of results, so don't buy a new house yet.

    Are these real results or simulated?

  3. What kind of format extention is this "xlsx" my excel can't read it.
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    office 2007

    These are simulated trades ran off of of global futures simulation platform

    real fills, trade times, etc
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    Pie in the sky. When, please tell me when traders will demand multi-year real money trading statements in evaluating the claims of the dream merchants.
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    well i have had pretty decent success...
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    Wouldn't putting in OCO brackets and trading with limit orders and not market negate slippage?

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    Yes.. that's BS.

    I have #4 ranked long term tracked hypothetical futures system at C2. No big vendor as ever proved they can do that.

    I am trying to make 1k+ on a 75k account now and it is very hard. No one at C2 has did that either. I seriously doubt any vendor out there.. big name vendor can do 30% returns consistently even.

    I ask to pay for results for anyone making big money on a 5k or 10k account. Nobody came forward.

    On a small account, at best you will do 50% to 400% per year MAX (or on a larger account for that matter). That's about $80 per day taking a lot of risk..

    Anyway at shooting for 1k-2k per day I am taking a big risk on this account. I'm willing to risk 8% or so per sequence.

    To average $800 per day, you need about minimum 50k up to 400k account. This put your returns in the 50% to 400% range. Anyway, this is my opinion.
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    its not BS... I'm doing it day in and out for the last 3 weeks, worst day was the 17th (see spreadsheet)... i started logging last week... These are simulated trades
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    well, that's good.. but

    3 weeks isn't very long. I've seen people do 100% per month for 4 months then blow out in 1 month.

    Your risk is very low it looks like why not run on real money and see if it works? You could prove me wrong!

    I'd much like to prove wrong. One vendor claim to do 120k per year on a 5k account. They show these Excel sheets but no real money claims and with $50 or $100 risk per trade. I call BS.

    I mean I'd much like to make 70k or 80k on a 10k account. But I haven't seen anyone do it. A few people claim. I offer to pay for results. Nobody came forward.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I know I have a top 4 ranked performance. So, we know already I'm one of the best (at least at sim trading). And, I'm trying to do 1k per day on the days that I trade. I hit 1k to 3k but then one mistake and I've taken a 5k or 6k hit. So, the idea that someone is going to trade 10k and make nearly 1k just isn't believable for me. If it is possible then probably the only way is if you have a really solid system....

    My goal is making 1k+ per day on the days that I trade and that is very difficult. I don't force myself to take any trades. I only take my best ideas. There is a fine line from me to make +3k or be down -5k. It is a very fine line.
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