Are these rates any good???

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by bbuff10, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. bbuff10


    --- $0.006 per share Nasdaq or NYSE + SEC
    --- no minimums
    --- no software fee
    --- no seat fee
    --- trading in their office or remote
    --- 85% - 95% payout
    --- $2,000 to $5,000 deposit for up to $300,000 in buying power

    Any feedback would help.
  2. blb078


    who the hell is offering a deal like that? are you sure you have those numbers right?
  3. DK_


    Yes, IMO

    does "no minimums" include getting paid immediately for everyting over your deposit?
  4. bbuff10


    and all ECNs are included in that rate.
  5. bbuff10


    Yes, they pay on the 15th of every month, everything over your deposit.

    This deal is you think it's good or bad???
  6. blb078


    sounds good to me, but i've never heard of someone offering 300k buying power with on a max of 5k of your own? and the .006 w/no minimum, that sounds to good to be true, even at 85% payout
  7. I'll throw $5K at it if this firm actually exists, and the offer is legit. $300K buying power for $5K is not a bad deal at all; especially considering the commissions are pretty cheap too.

  8. bbuff10


    With $5k up they start you at $200k the first month...then $250k your second month...and $300k your third month and beyond.

    If you can prove to them (convince them) before you start that you're a successful trader, then you start with $300k from day 1.
  9. Can you PM me their information? Even $200K is pretty good for $5K :D

  10. This deal looks real good. I am in Sub-LLC account and i
    have to pay minimum 4-5k, But i pay $0.0075 excluding
    SEC fee for trading remote (total $0.0087 per share).
    They have 1.5$ minimum charge per trade also, which
    you mentioned "No minimum" that will be great.

    I have to pay 40$ software fee if i do less than 100K shares
    a month. But the payout is 100%.

    The problem with plateform is that it doesn't work with
    56k dial up (losing connection or transactions) as i travel
    around and have trouble accessing DSL always.

    This deal is revolutionary. Would you mind share with us
    who are they?
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