Are there such a thing as TOO MANY monitors?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Momento, Jan 20, 2003.

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    After getting my third monitor on the trading desk, i have found myself becoming increasing dependent on MORE and MORE monitors... Just wondering, are most of you guys using 2 or more monitors? (not including the TV of course.)
  2. I'd say 18 is about a reasonable upper limit. use a good sunscreen:D
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    :D :D
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    4x4. All wheel drive.

  5. I use a desktop computer with 3 monitors for trading and a laptop for internet and e-mail.
  6. Two I think is more then enough.
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    How do you split 3 monitors from one computer? If i know how to do this, i am probably getting one more :D
  8. All I need is CNBC for quotes and a telephone for the orders.
  9. On a more serious note, I personally found that for my style of trading (mostly scalping) receiving too much information can be negative. So I'm fine using only 2 monitors.


    Looking on internet for trading station setups I found this link with Nitro's setup from a couple of years ago.

    hope he doesn't mind me putting it here. I think it might be a good idea if you guys shared pictures of your setups.
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    It totally depends on your trading style. I have 7 plus a laptop and could easily accomodate one or two more. I trade sectors and like to have a few charts from several of them up at once. It just makes it easy to scan them and spot moves just taking shape. Once in a while I might be focused on scalping one spread, in which case I only need 1/4 of one monitor.

    I also run filters and like to have a lot of level two boxes and time and sales open at once. There's no way to watch it all at once, but it saves time when I have to switch focus quickly if the info is already up and I just have to move my eyes. While other guys are calling up charts and quotes, I'm already in.

    Here's some pics of my setup
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