Are there serious Prop Trading firms in Canada

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Are Proprietary firms for real in Canada?

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  1. I've traded at four or more different Prop Trading firms in Canada (Swiftrade, Globus trading, Global trading, Lynx and prob two others).

    Seems all of them are schemes to steal the security deposits. They all end up disappearing after some time. None of them show any addresses in their contact list, office or otherwise, only email. The “contracts” are all in Caiman Islands or some shady place.

    Had a bad experience with the one run by the crooks Alex and Larissa Milrud.

    My point being is there a real serious Proprietary Trading firm in Canada run in a professional way, with a real address, and real contact information.
  2. I am wondering the same thing.

    Would appreciate it if any traders currently day trading in Canada give some directions.

    Happy trading
  3. DV Trading has 2 Canadian branches in Vancouver and Toronto.
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  4. have you looked at Bright Trading? I think they have offices in Canada.
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    I think Bright has offices in Langley and Vancouver....President of Bright, Rob Friesen is Canadian...
  6. Seems Bright only takes licensed traders and only after they go through the training (paying)course.
    Couldn't find any reference to Canadian offices, the supposed Vancouver office has no web page or official info available.

    DV seems more like they hire employees and not for independent day traders.
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    They'll sponsor you for S7 but if you don't want to take the test, all else is moot...
    Bright Canada is 604-539-8700

    ps I am not affiliated with them
  8. Nevis Trading has been around a loooooong time and no one has accused them of taking a dime. They have also been a sponsor here as long as I can remember. They have a Canadian number but are in Nevis (hence the name).
  9. hmmm

    Nevis is also not in Canada

    Seems no realistic options available

    After my experience with the Milruds I need a company incorporated in Canada, so I’m able to protect myself legally in case of wrongdoing.

    I also need them to take security deposit, since I haven’t traded in years and don’t have a track record to show.
  10. my previous experience with global market trading was positive. Lynx was good from what i heard.
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