Are there more portfolio trackers like WIKINVEST?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by eldorado1, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Hi, I Can't link my TOS account to Wikinvest because I need to enter a SSN and I am not a US citizen so I don't have one.

    Are there any alternatives to Wikinvest's Portfolio Tracker?

  2. Hi Eldorado1 -- I'm Parker Conrad, co-founder of Wikinvest -- there may be a way for you to use our service, as an international user.

    You will need to contact your brokerage, and ask them what credentials you need to provide to access your account through Quicken -- as we use the same basic method to import your account information as Quicken does, whatever method they tell you will work for Quicken should work on our site.

    Some brokerages require account number / SSN to access this info through Quicken, which, as you point out, doesn't work for international investors. Those brokerages will usually have some other set of credentials that will work for international users, which you could enter into the fields for account # and SSN on our site.

    If you do discover this information, please share it back with us by emailing feedback <at> wikinvest <dot> com, so that we can update our instructions and help other users.