Are there Indicators worth watching for Eminis?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stevieoh, Jul 14, 2002.

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    For trading stocks, I am not a big fan of indicators, usually watching only price and volume. My question is, are there any indicators that have proven themselves reliable to the point that your trades are based on a given indicator(s)?

    For instance, I have Stoch's set at 8,3,3 and on a 3 minute, they are about 40% reliable for DT. I know of other traders who use CCI and seem to do well scalping or trading for up to 10+ points at times.

    What indicators do you use, what are the settings and what is the expected time frame/profit?
  2. I wish there was an indicator. I have been looking for some time now. IMO es and nq lead the market by the nose. If my account was big enough I would daytrade stocks using the futures as an indicator but for now I am stuck with trying to outguess the rest of those maniacs trading the minis.
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    The nq tends to lead the es, but not always, further it's worth keeping an eye on the SOX, IBM, CSCO, MSFT and INTC.
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    IMO you are trading the best vehicle there is and don't even see it :( True the futures lead the rest of the markets, but they can also LEAD YOU if you take the time to listen...

    Anyway just my thoughts,
  5. Well I am more than willing to listen. How can they lead me?
  6. tick , trin indicators

    sox spx cash , ndx cash , dow indices

    and recently ...

    $xau and the USD / EUR + USD / JPY

    also bonds ....

    good luck
  7. Your question is in the Futures Thread.

    Lets see...when I trade the Futures (Eminis)...I mainly use Japanese Candlesticks (Reversal and Exhuastion Candlesticks), Bollinger Bands (bands based on Avg. of the High, Low and Close), Price Exponential Moving Averages, Stochastics (6,5,3) and Volume (based on 5 bar average)...on 1min, 3min, 15min and daily charts.

    My lead indicator for the Eminis are the TICK and the Dow Jones Industrial Index.

    These are reliable indicators for me. a trader uses each will determine if they are reliable or not for them.

    Simply...I've met traders that lose a lot of money via the Stochastics and others making good money via the Stochastics with the same settings.

    My point is's not the indicator that will decide if your successful or not...

    it's the trader's use (application) of a particular indicator that will decide how reliable the indicator will be.

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    I do use TRIN and TRINQ, only problem with those is when a stock like WCOM - or any one stock, is heavily bought or sold, it can and often time does screw up the TRIN therby making it useless to watch.

    However, I find that when the TRIN is working well, timing your trades on the ES with the 8,3,3 stoch's on a 3 minute is about a good a combination for indicators as I have seen in my short 3 week life trading the Eminis.

    When the TRIN is well below 1.00 it works relatively well to buy the dips when stoch's hit 0ish, as well as when the TRIN is well over 1.00, selling the peaks when stoch's hit 100ish. When the TRIN is neutral, basically can forget about using stoch's, just gotta go with price, support/resistance - if ya can find 'em.

    On Friday, someone in chat mentioned the SPX/NDX cash for indicators and I will see how that goes this week.

    Aside from that, I will see how the BBs do with a setting of 8,2 on the 2 minute. Looking back at Friday, that setting seems like it might have worked - but then it always works after the fact :)