Are there indicators that help spot breakouts?

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  1. As far as I know you only spot breakouts by visually inspecting the charts.

    Are there some indicators?
  2. I trade them every day. No indicators required.
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    I think the real question is how to avoid false breakouts.
  4. If you're waiting for an indicator to tell you, by the time you catch it it's to late. The best way to trade breakouts is to just trade them, if it fails, stop out. The times you catch them will make up for the stop outs 10 fold. People think trading is a perfect science that there's a magic chart indicator that will make you an 100% accurate trader. The truth is, you are playing probabilities, you take the setups that have the highest payout versus loss potential, and you trade them consistently.

    If you can't kick your indicatoritis, get counseling. Stop the search for the holy grail, and trade. Trading is what makes you money, not buying charting software. Turn off the chart and trade damnit. Make some money for once by taking that trade, not waiting for confirmation.
  5. Lots.
  6. I agree, the only thing more i need to know about breakouts is which ones are fake. Everytime your about to trade a breakout ask yourself, does this have any characteristics of a fakeout.
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    That statement is one most traders and so-called traders on ET need to remember.
    (Almost) Everyone is looking for a secret recipe or a magic ball to teach 'em a "get rich quick" technique and they go into complex theories very few of which hold substance, most get lost and a few find their way and it all boils down to probabilities and risk/money management. The ones who find the later survive.
  8. Leave it to Jack Hershey to back indicators over price action...
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    Indicators? Sure, but why TF would you need them if you can (in your own words) visually inspect the charts.
  10. In terms of swing trading, study the effects of volume for specific stocks.
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