Are there books pointing out the change in our trading environment post crisis?

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  1. Are there books pointing out the change in our trading environment post crisis?

    Hi all,

    Other than Soros' book, could anybody recommend more books analyzing what the economic/financial environment would look like after all these turmoils? Especially I am interested in seeing how our trading environment will change and how does that affect our changes. How does the change affect the business model of many trading firms, prop shops, hedge funds and the trading desks of the banks...

    Any ideas?

  2. Right now? Heck no! They'll be available at Border's in the year 2011. :cool:
  3. Even articles, no?

    These thoughts about future directions will be helpful in deciding which trading business to dive into as one starts a career in trading, which trading style of hedge funds, which style of prop trading, fundamental vs. quantitative, etc.
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    Be cautious. Many authors write for reasons other than to inform, ranging from attention-grabbing hysterics to lunatic conspiracy stuff.
  5. Really? Any articles? Readers should of course read with cautious...
  6. I thought they wrote to make money.

    I was amused to hear a radio ad for a company that was offering financial planning advice for the coming changes with the new administration. Of course, said administration has said little and offered nothing concrete in terms of any proposals. (Anybody have the feeling that theyre just 'winging it' ?) I'm sure the financial planning company will get plenty of calls. Even though no one knows squat. Offer people 'the answers' and youre golden. - - -
  7. he problem is, these authors keep having to put out new revisions of their books, so the title looks something like "The Coming Depression of Year YYYY." And the truth is, they often have no clue about what will really be happeneing. Comparing this time to the Great Depression overlooks the fact that almost everything is completely different. How many people in 1929 had 6 credit cards? Most people were relatively poor compared to now. Hold gold like back then, and you may get socked with deflation.
  8. that's why I seek recommendations of GOOD readings...