Are there any True Wall street traders on this site

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lasner, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Just out of curiosity, what would be my upside in stating that I am a pro (assuming I am one, of course)? What would that achieve? How will it help me?

    Conversely, of what value is this information to you?
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  2. I wonder if your post qualifies as self-gratification.
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  3. Yes, incompetence and idiocy does piss me off. Sometimes I feel like venting so I respond to silly posts like yours. I bet you did not know, but financial engineering is Investment Banking NOT trading. You may just want to learn exactly how the bulge bracket firms break down, in terms of what department does what.

    You still have yet to describe what a "legitimate firm" is. Do you mean the top 5 big Wall Street firms? In that case, you need to realize that it is against firm policy to post on message boards and reveal your position. Some do it outside of work hours but they have to stay anonymous. Most forums are firewalled & blocked.

    As for traders working at some of the NYC hedge funds, only the overly pompous dummies would actually risk revealing their positions & where they work. There is little to no benefit in doing so. They may & have done so through PMs if it's a potential networking or business opportunity.

    I'm still curious as to why do you ask?
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  4. So a trader is only "true and legitimate" if someone else deigns it to be so?
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  5. if you missed the sarcasm in this post, this is pretty much how it is for two institutional fx guys I know. Work quite long hours but are well compensated and after a long day I would imagine the last thing they would want to do is come here and toss the ball around with a bunch of clowns.
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  6. lasner


    What I'm trying to do is figure out who a clown is and who's sound like a clown.

    Anybody on here that trades for a top firm...hedge fund etc. Somebody that actually knows what they are doing.

    The guy I know just graduated and works for a small hedge fund on wall street. Yes he is a's not investment banking dipshit
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  7. lasner


    A trader is true and legitimate if he (1) trades for a top firm or hedge fund or (2) has his own small hedge fund.

    Not some guy that sits in his apartment and trades his td ameritrade account and thinks he knows more than George Soros.
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  8. m22au


    I agree with Martinghoul.

    I don't care if poster X on Elitetrader is:

    > a fulltime trader or a fulltime McDonald's employee

    > Trades 40 hours a week or 5 hours a week

    > Works for an investment bank or a fast food chain or is unemployed

    > Trades with an account size of $10 million or $10,000

    > Has a PhD from Harvard or didn't complete high school

    All I care about is the value that I get from their posts.

    I'd rather read a post of value to me that is written by a fulltime McDonald's employee, who didn't complete high school, who trades his $10,000 account when not working at McDonald's, than read a post that is of no value to me, written by a fulltime trader at an investment bank, who trades a multimillion dollar portfolio.

    In the same vain, I don't think my educational background, number of hours that I trade per week, employment status, account size should matter to anyone when thinking about the value (or lack thereof) that I provide in my posts.

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  9. lasner


    It sounds like there's a lot of people on here that don't know what they are doing....including the McDonald's workers
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  10. patoo


    Yes, there are plenty here that don't have a clue...especially the poker players.., but not all.

    My P & L tells me that I know what I am doing.
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