Are there any True Wall street traders on this site

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lasner, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. I like your post except for one thing. You mention algos. Then in the very next sentence you mention there are no rules for making money.
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  2. You know what I meant, some traders use algos exclusively, some are discretionary, some use both, my point was there are no steadfast rules to make money.

    I know of an original "Turtle Trader", a not so famous one, happens to be a son of my Mom's first prima, that only uses algos to get into the trade and manually exits, go figure, he has an average 25% return over 20 years.

    PS: He re wrote his rules a few times since the turtle days!
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  3. lasner


    So I take it there are no wall street traders on here
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  4. I trade for J.P. Morgan Securities. I'm on the Euro-Bond desk. JPM encourages us to post on message boards catering to illiterate retail day traders. Plus, even though I make a little more than a grand a day in compensation, I'd rather type anonymous messages than dine at nice restaurants and spend time with the choice looking girlfriend that my 340k in comp landed me.

    In fact I look upon making it big as the well earned chance to hang out for endless hours sparring with make believe "colleagues" on Elite Trader.
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    How long have you worked for JP
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  6. First, they are a majority of "Brokers" on the floor on Wallstreet...not traders.

    The majority of Traders are in Chicago...."locals" who use their own money to take their risk or pool money and start a group, who owns seats on the Merc, Cboe, Cboe, etc.

    There are plenty of "Day trading" firms in NYC as in many other cities.

    However, Wallstreet is a "Brokers" arena with Handhelds and the move from post to post.....Very few "Locals" if any...just one big SCHLEPROCK CNBC Circus ring.....that is what WALLSTREET as far as the "FLoor" is.
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  7. LOL!!!
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  8. [​IMG]

    Many here are probably stuck in their 4x4 box making cold calls, but, that's a whole lot better than people who just give up.
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  9. there are more traders still in the back of chris henrys fiancees truck right now than baller nyc traders on et, ever.
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    What are you looking for a job? What do you think we are? If we were cooks we'd be on Rachel Ray blog. wtf??

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