Are there any Trading Educators that work?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am looking for a day trading educator that really works (+51%). I would like the obvious education, support, some software and a live trading room dynamic with live calls daily. I want to trade Eminis on the S&P, Russell2000, the NASDAQ, possibly some forex as well. Maybe even the TY.

    Are there any providers out there that you have personal experience with? The amount of sharks is incredible so any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks again.
  2. You're barking up the wrong tree.

    All of these so-called educators who charge big bucks for a room, calls and entertainment are essentially worthless. The operators of these rooms are in the business of selling, not trading. They have these businesses because they cannot earn enough money to support their lifestyles from trading alone, if they trade at all.

    Spend the time effort and energy to learn on your own. Put in the hours on the screen and observe price movement. I also suggest you focus on 1 maybe 2 markets at most.

    If you must attend rooms, they are some free ones on PalTalk.

    Don't spend any money on vendors and their wares. Some of the biggest rippoffs are actually ET sponsors.

    Good luck.
  3. Thanks Rolextrader. Appreciate the candour.

    I realize that trial and error is a valid strategy to learn to trade but it seems incredible that there is such a lack of reputable training providers to model after. With anything new I always have tried to align and pay for access to the best professional advice and coaching ( be it Tennis, Editing, Flying etc...) I would have never become proficient in the aforementioned (in a compressed time) without advice and training from pros.

    If trial and error is the only way to learn to trade than the market seems ripe for a legitimate provider to step in and actually attempt to teach a trading metodology that works over time. It seems there are hundreds of charlatans i.e, Puretick etc.. but there has to be a legitimate source somewhere. Maybe not.

    If not have you guys thought of teaching newbies? With the coming recession I believe heaps of people will need training and support as their usual occupation and income sources dry up. Trading seems to be an awesome skillset that once learned can support you for a lifetime.

    I have read your numerous threads and once again appreciate your track record and honesty. I'll check out Paltalk as well. Talk soon,

  4. Don't buy any software.

    My background is real estate & when I started trading (on my own) I bought two diff. softwares, totaling over $8k.

    Big waste of money.

    Put in hours upon HOURS of live charting.

    You'll get a hang of it eventually.

    Good Luck.
  5. Track record? What track record?
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  7. Geoff36


    Thank you once again for helping me see things in the right colour here on ET. I have very much enjoyed reading your threads and am always enjoy hearing advice from an experienced trader such as you.

    Thanks again for defending honesty here, as usual. A thankless job indeed.
  8. Hi Mandelbrotset,

    Any input regarding trading courses or do you agree that they are all rubbish and trial and error is the only way to learn to trade?

  9. What do you mean by that "+51%"? You want them to show you they have annual performance of over +51%?

    I have taken trainings from Online Trading Academy and Pristine. Both are popular and established trading training schools. They cover the basics to get someone started. Pristine (TPM1 and TPM2) covers more on trading strategies.

    They both offer mentorship programs after the basic courses. I don't want any of them because I believe those mentorship programs mode you to trade the way they trade not the way you want to trade. Everybody's trading style is different. But you want someone to provide you a training wheel to get started, then you may consider them.

    These training courses are something around $800 a day these days. But they offer tuition reimbursement through trading commissions via one of their partners. Should take advantage of it.
  10. Of exposing the ripoff artists in the educational services industry.
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