Are there any stocks whose management isn't full of BS?

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    I'm interested, is there a single stock in the entire world whose management & board have been totally transparent about the downturn in business over the last 2 years? I.e. someone who has not tried to pull the wool over investors' eyes, and has told it like it is.
  2. not many. not one that I am aware of
  3. Honesty would be a sure fire road to getting fired.

    The Wall Street way-- Lie, cheat, steal, and then walk away with millions and a big golden parachute.

    Rinse and repeat.
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    BRK - Berkshire hathaway

    Buffet's buddy Charlie Munger also heads a company. I'm sure that company is as clean as Buffet's.
  5. LOL, yeah, cause Buffett is as clean as the Port Authority bathroom.
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    Not sure I agree - Buffett spends years calling derivatives "weapons of mass destruction" and then engages in the biggest and worst-timed naked put write in the history of financial markets.
  8. Is there a CEO on the planet that isn't a glorified salesman?

    I like Roger Penske but even he blows sunshine up your ass when it comes to PAG. If the recession/depression intensifies and continues for another two or three years (I think it will), I don't know how he keeps that company afloat. His dealerships in Europe are getting crushed and the exchange rate is magnifying the losses. The last few conference calls were all good though :D
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    Lol, good joke :)
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    Al "Chainsaw" Dunlap....:D

    oops, sorry I thought I was in the nickname thread in chit chat...

    This guy filled a 50,000 sq ft warehouse with sunbeam products as if they were sold....
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