Are there any Prop firms in U.S?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by kongbai, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. kongbai


    I know there are several prop firms in Canada, but it seems that there is not any prop firms in US. It is said that prop firm in US is illegal. Is this correct?Is there any possibility could I register a prop firm in US?

  2. Danulous


    where the hell did you get that information
  3. gimp570


    There might be a few but you need a MBA from a ivy league school just to get a interview with them

    GOOD luck
  4. Fractal


    Unfortunately there are no prop firms in the U.S. They have all moved to the Cayman Islands. Most of us here are trading in khaki shorts at the moment.
  5. I thought prop firms were born in the US.

  6. Yes, prop firms been banned here in the US, along with cigarettes, alcohol, red meat and homosexuality :D.

    Kidding of course, dude there are TONS of prop firms in the US. Search this site and you'll find a big list.

  7. Geez, a couple of decades of illegal activity, LOL.


  8. Qty


    He didn’t ask prop firms for Trading, did he? :p

  9. kongbai


    Actually, I'd like to open up a prop firm branch in China, but I can only find partners in Canada, like Swifttrade, Titletrading. Are thre any firms like those I can corporate with in US?

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