Are there any professional traders who position trade ETFs?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by trendisyourfriend, Jul 23, 2022.

  1. Hi guys, when I think of the term "professional trader" I think of day traders who trade individual stocks, futures, and currencies.

    Is it possible to call myself a professional trader if I successfully position trade ETFs like the SPY or QQQ? I typically only make 2-4 trades a year.

    I would ultimately like to manage money for other people using my position trading methods.

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  2. ffs1001


    Your position trading methods are so effective that you only make 2-4 trades a year?
    And you don't know if you are a professional trader or not, and yet you wish to manage other people's money.

    I'm sold - where do I sign up?

    Seriously, this forum is becoming more and more of a joke lately.
  3. Concinnity


    Let's try to be fair and objective though too. It is possible that he buys the exact low and shorts the exact high every year on max leverage. In that case, it does make sense that he trades only 2-4 trades a year and just wants to go and enjoy life.
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  4. ffs1001


    Your logical sir is very sound, and I cannot disagree.

    However, I hope he doesn't do these miraculously perfect trades on some little unknown, and un-regulated ETFs like SPY or QQQ, because then, he cannot be classified as a "professional trader".
  5. Jack1960


    Perhaps with triple keveraged ETFs.
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  6. Overnight


    The Invesco QQQ is unregulated? If so, why did my broker suggest that to be a good exposure to the tech space without being concentrated too deeply in any one tech company?

    So is my broker unregulated, by getting me into an "unregulated" fund?

    All I wanted was exposure to AMZN without being concentrated in it, so I chose QQQ.

    Is AMZN unregulated?

    The hell you on about?
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  7. ffs1001


    Get a grip man, it was meant to be a joke.
  8. Overnight


    You mean you were trying to be sarcastic. It did not work well. Work on that, heh.
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    Humour only works on people who have a little bit of intelligence. Work on that, heh.

    PS - who's rattled your cage Overnight? Having a tough weekend??
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    What you attempted there was sarcasm, not humor.
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