Are there any professinal trader chat rooms?

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  1. I am an experienced equities trader trading remotely from home. I would like to know if there are any premium trader chat rooms for active day traders out there regardless of price. I am looking to join a chat room with experienced equities traders who already deploy their own intraday strategies and are looking to shout out trades from time to time. I prefer to pay for a good reputable chat room if there are any out there. Thanks
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    try trial 14-days to their chatroom. Paul, Jared, Jeff, Avery, take turns to speak on mic. trades are taken live and managed with trail stops, take profits, add shares, reduce stop, and ad hoc mini-lectures. they have been around since 1994. got better after Greg took charge. got even better after Paul came back as chief moderator.

    try organized alittle differently, they have a Virtual Trade Floor where you can choose which trader to trade with live. big position traders like Marc Sperling and Scott Redler, and also scalpers.
  3. I checked out the T3 live chat that was literally a joke. There are about 7 rookies lingering in the room waiting for marc and a few other T3 guys to call out trades and they are not very clear when they are getting in or out of the positions.. def amateur hour
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    i preferred all the moderators (different styles) in one place, hence Pristine, which previously used hotComm but now using omNovia presentation software. there are a mix of complete newbies and old birds in the chatroom, but u soon finds out who knows what they are doing. usually between 130-160 members.

    but downside is Pristine while they are profitable traders, aren't the kind of big position size traders like Marc or Scott at T3Live. if you are an experienced micro-scalpers, you will have something to say about moderators Jared and Avery's trading style .....
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    this was T3Live commentary at 9:32amEST before market opens:
    "After the close yesterday Intel reported stellar earnings after a loss in the previous quarter, with revenue surging 34%. The market had earlier extended its winning streak to 6 straight days, and if they were looking for an excuse to sell the market, Intel didn't give it to them. In after hours trading stocks traded higher, but this morning the market is getting hit slightly. After more than a week of climbing (more than 90 handles in the S&P) it would be healthy to see at least a modest pull-back. For traders, that action would be constructive and would provide a better place to enter through the rest of earnings season. One potent up move usually leads to another eventually, so while we may be short term bearish this morning, a significant pullback certainly doesn't HAVE to happen. Don't be stubborn in either direction, and watch the price action in select stocks and stay tuned to the Virtual Trading Floor as most set-ups will develop intraday."

    this was T3Live commentary at 4:52pmEST after market closes:
    "Intel boosted the markets with a stellar report after the close yesterday, but by the morning much of that optimism had worn off after a 6-day win streak in the indices. When we came in today, we said it's not a day to be stubborn or biased heavy in either direction. We leaned short, cost averaged as the market drifted higher and then took profits at the lower end of the range as the trade worked out. Today's action was in keeping with our mantra of "trade the range"."

    just an example. they have been pretty good for a while.
  6. I will listen in on daytrader rockstar when i get bored he is a swing trader mainly helps with the bordem, or he has some huge trades, and some not so great ones as well, for what it's worth I use his commentary as indicator. He trades a lot of break out stuff. pm me for details
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    this is another chatroom using hotComm conferencing software, details to join inside the daily letter. check us out .... DTL 071510d.pdf
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    I second Austin's recommendation for T3Live, I started with them about a year ago and it has been terrific. There are traders of all different styles from scalpers to swing but the guys I really watch and listen to are Sperling and Redler. Marc is a huge trader while Redler is more calculated, he is on CNBC a lot and does a great job providing analysis for the community.

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