Are there any mentors out there?

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  1. We are in our late 40s/early 50s and looking for an experienced, successful trader (i.e. profitable, multi-year track record) to teach us to trade in-person. We can travel freely and will come to you. We are good students and easy to work with. Are not interested in obtaining a Series 7 license or doing high volumes of daily trades. Would prefer trading one or a limited number of issues such as futures, indexes, currencies, ETFs, etc. Am flexible. Compensation to be mutually agreed upon and you will make lifelong friends. Please PM if you are interested and qualified. (Note: if you sell a $3000, 2 day course, make pretend you never saw this :)
  2. I recommend you answer the question "What's in it for the mentor?" in a fresh, innovative, intriguing manner.

    As MY mentor would say:
    • You, Brooks Rimes, have proposed a trade. You propose that the mentor give you her time and her knowledge and the benefit of her experience. But you propose to give the mentor nothing in return. This is a hugely lopsided trade and no sane person would agree to it. Certainly no successful trader would agree to it.
    Don't offer money; the mentor has plenty of that already, and besides, you are likely to offer an amount so small (in comparison to her standard of living) as to be insulting. Instead, offer something rare and illiquid and utterly fascinating. Offer to teach the mentor something unique, or to help the mentor have a very special experience (skydiving? yacht racing?) that you are the expert in, or to volunteer 400 hours of your time to the charity of your mentor's choosing, etc.

    Be unique! Be different! Be memorable!

    And when proposing a trade, be reasonable.
  3. ehmm...issues[?]
  4. There is much information here to help a person learn the art of profitable trading. Be patient and persistent . Ask questions and work at it. Dont give up.
    It gets easier when you know what you want to trade and what timeframe best suits you.
  5. Okay, I have one comment and thats it.

    Just remembering my own experience I know how important it is to have a good mentor to learn from.

    What I have to add is this;

    If we are talking about options, the "student" has to have the basics (all of them) down. You can't learn to play poker unless you know the rules of the game. You can't even sit at the table unless you know how the game is structured and how to place a bet. Bottom line, if you folks are serious, you will make sure you have your ducks in a row BEFORE you find a mentor. Otherwise any good mentor will send you packing until you can demonstrate some basic competence.

    I am not talking about having skimmed through the basic books. I am talking about "internalizing" the concepts, and obtaining an in depth command of the concepts.

    Although this basic competence can be obtained in a number of ways, one excellent method is to use the CBOE's educational resources. Here are a couple of URLs

    I am suggesting that a mentor might be impressed if they knew that the student(s) went to the trouble of learning this stuff on their own. I know I would be.

    Good luck
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  7. I like to work with someone who makes my job fun.

    Making money is fun.

    Trading well is fun.
  8. Save the $3k on Optionetics and Investools and get a few good books :). Form a study group with other like-minded individuals and combine heads.

  9. Excellent post optioncoah, you're on target and level headed as always.

    So on that note, here's an interesting thread which pretty much reads like an option traders curriculum from beginning through professional, with a number of books listed which should give an aspring options trader everything (at least on a conceptual level) to succeed at options.

    The link points to list of books that I posted there, but reading through the whole thread should prove to be an informative experience.

    Note: There are also a number of threads which deal with options listed on the ET Forums as well:

    Vertical Spreads for Aggressive Growth

    Calendar Spreads

    and this guy's a powerhouse
    riskarb's trading journal

    ... just to name a few. I work at night, and believe it or not, I've learned tons searching through and studying different threads in my downtime.

    Best Regards,

  10. screen time babe, screen time is all u need, readin' books is gonna make u go nowhere faster.
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