Are there any legal liabilities if Zuckerberg sells tommorrow?

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  1. Zuckerberg said he wont sell tommorrow,but this is the same guy that told the Winklevoss Twins he was working on their site when he was working on Facebook. This is the same guy that tried to push out Eduardo Saverin by diluting his shares. Not really the most moral guy in the world...

    So my question is...does anyone know if there is any legal liability if Zuckerberg decides to sell tommorrow or is he well within his rights to "change his mind" and sell stock whenever he wants?
  2. Dude, give it a f*cking rest... you're starting these FB threads with your 10-lot of 16P on the line. Write it off your 1040EZ and move the f*ck along.

    And no, there is not legal recourse if he sells, but he's not going to sell. You have no clue as to what potential OTC risk-reversal hedge he may have against his stake. He's in no way forced to sell a single share when he can lay the risk at edge in a 5Y RR (up and out skew) with any number of ibanks.
  3. If there is no legal recourse, that means he is more likely to sell. Thats good for me. And why do I have to give it a rest. Your post count is almost double mine and I've been on ET 2 years longer than you. You are the one that obviously has diarrhea of the mouth.
  4. He said he wouldn't sell. He doesn't need to sell if he's done an OTC hedge, and he's already made $1.1B from the IPO in cash. He's stated publicly that he will not sell any more "for at least a year" after the IPO. Dude, act as if you've been at this more than a week.

    Again with the math. Almost double, eh?
  5. Lets also not forget about the capital gains tax increase in 2013. He will pay 8.8% more in taxes selling next year than selling this year. Thats a pretty decent incentive to sell. (Not to mention every other shareholder in facebook. If they don't sell this year and plan to sell next year, thats an extra 8.8% out of their pocket.

    If you are looking at making a million dollars this year, would you rather pay the government $150,000 this year or $238,000 next year?

    Oh wait...let me deal in numbers you are use to...

    If you are looking at making $10 this year, would you rather pay the government $1.50 or $2.38?
  7. To list some of his other criminal achievements, he is the same guy that hacked Harvards computer. The same guy that used facebook users information to break into their email accounts in other sites

    This is the same guy, that less than 18 months ago Hired a former CNBC reporter to spread lies about Google.

    So when he says he doesnt plan to sell, can we really believe him?
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    Stock is up 12% on the dilution. I guess he bought??? :)
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    You are assuming he is motivated by more money, something he obviously does not need.
  10. 2 years ago he pledged to give 100 million to some school in NJ. His CEO gig pays 1.7 million per year. How is he going to pay that promise if he doesnt sell stock? I didn't say he was motivated by "more" money, just keeping the money he already has. After all, he has lost almost half his net worth ($8 billion dollars) in just 6 months. You would think that at harvard they teach you not to put all your eggs in one basket.
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