Are there any Lady Traders on ET? How do you trade, what are your strategies?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MrsSavant, Dec 12, 2004.

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  1. Please share. We need you. I want to discover if lady traders trade from a different perspective. Perhaps the owner of ET (I think his name is Baron) knows how many Lady traders there are in ET and this thread might be a waste of time.

    If the moderator wants to move this to Physcology great, but I hope it does not end up in Chit chat.


    P.S. Where is girlpower these days?
  2. nkhoi


    there is 1, I think.

    edit: are you thinking of re-construction surgery or had it done already :cool:

  3. In trading you need big nuts, so you won't find that many l. traders in trading. Linda is certainly an exception, IMHO.
  4. I see many new female traders coming into the game. I think a woman has a better chance than a man of making it. I dont think balls is what it takes. It takes nerve and sound judgement and discipline and they are as well equipped as men in these categories Im afraid.
  5. sonnet


    men or women have any advantage in trading. however perhaps, and this is a guess, testosterone causes men to seek out risk more actively, wich results in more traders. women, are more prone to being sensible and wanting a steady reward.
  6. the question is, are there any ladies who manage hedge funds, let alone large hedge funds ??

    there is a group called "100 women in hedge funds" but not sure if these ladies are managing partners or simply staff.

    i would venture a guess that there are few to zero women who manage larger funds.

  7. Lucrum


    I don't remember where I read it, but someone made some observations of traders of both sexes. As a rule the men tended to blowout their accounts more often than women. Apparently because of their willingness to take on more risk.
  8. Elder's mentions it in the introduction of "Trading for a Living", p. 4
  9. I agree. The women traders I know don't necessarily think they "know it all" and can put egos aside. I think they are also more patient too.
  10. dbs119


    I have never seen a statistic whether females are better traders than males.. I think this is sex discrimination.. If you are a sucker you will lose in any game ,regardless whether u are male or female..If u are a winner u will win in any games regardless whether u are male or female..
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