Are there any Jim Rogers' fans here?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by jbtrader23, May 14, 2002.

  1. MRWSM


    I like him very much, he did pretty good on being long the QQQQ during the first half of 2003. He did get out a bit soon and then shorted the dow but no ones perfect.
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  2. cakulev


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  3. Cakulev,

    Thanks for the link! That is a very good interview.

    I've been thinking of how to handle my IRA in a low stress way so it doesn't interfere with my short term bread and butter trading.

    Averaging into a commodity mutual fund and holding for a long time has some appeal...
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  4. sonnet


    he has had quite a life, i think many of us find inspiring. I even made a bundle off one of his stock picks when he was writing for worth magazine.
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  5. cakulev


    If you are interested in holding commodities long term
    the best way to do it is to buy fully-collateralized commodity futures,while having the margins in t-bills. This is much superior than holding the spot commodities.
    See the attached file in this thread:
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  6. cakulev


    Is it me or Rogers International Commodities Index is very Oil sensitive?
    Oil+Gas = 44%
    I am not saying this is wrong, but it doesn’t look like a balanced index either.
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  7. It seems to me YES.
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  8. zdreg


    was bullish on china way before others.

    picked chiquita brands as a commodity and turnaround play at around 12. currently 22.

    picked german beer producers when there were hundreds around as a consolidation play. (similar to u.s reginoal bank consolidation)

    currently is short microsoft. said to short after msft went ex-dividend on big cash payout. and has been selling out of the money calls on msft for a couple of years
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  9. zdreg


    currently long airlines bonds
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  10. cakulev


    Just curious, why?
    He is also bullish on oil and this have major impact on airline profits. In addition all big airlines (with the exception of South West) have problem with low fare competitors.
    Therefore bankruptcy should rise among this sector. So unless the risk is overestimated in airline bond yields I don’t see any good reason.
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