Are there any Jim Rogers' fans here?

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  1. I think the best thing Rogers ever said (I think it was in Market Wizards) was something to the effect of "I just wait until I see money laying in the corner, then go pick it up."

    Makes it sound so easy, doesn't he? :)
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  2. Babak


    Yes, and no. Rogers made the call not in 1998 but in 1994 or 1993 depending how far back you want to go. He has always been a huge commodity freak. If you read his books or articles (from waaaay back) he´s always talking about them. He even taught a course in Columbia business school on past commodity market conditions.

    Don´t get me wrong, the guy is very cool and as smart as a whip. Not to mention that he is very approachable (I exchanged emails with him when he was globe trotting).
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  3. range


    Also, you can go to and click on Riverside Conversations.
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  4. I also remember him talking about China long before the mainstream press caught on (The 21st Century will belong to China).

    As he so fond of saying..."I'm always early".
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  5. Some of his records:

    predicated the 87 stock market crash.

    predicated the collapse of Japanese stock market in late 80's.

    picked the commodities bottom in 98.

    called the bond market top in June 2003.

    Having been calling for a weak US dollar in the recent years.

    This guy is often more right than wrong.
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  6. cakulev


    I remember why the choice of Mercedes for his trip. He said since he was visiting so many third world countries, most of their dictators/ rulers drive Mercedes. Hence, accessible maintains.
    Very sharp man.
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  7. If that' true , great. But why an SLK? Why not a G-Wagon? Hmmm, maybe he knew gas prices were gonna go up. This man is pretty smart.

    So let's talk about his bad taste in ties. Bow ties? Well, ok at his age it may be appropriate. Anyone under the age of 40 caught wearing a bow tie (except for formal wear) should be smacked.
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  8. zdreg


    have you seen his bow ties or do you simply dislike bow ties. jim comes across as being quite a trustworthy person and he wears bow ties. again he is contra guy because he wears bow ties . in spite of the stereotype attached to those who wear bow ties he can be trusted at least when it comes to expressing his opinion.
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  9. zdreg


    could you post a list of incorrect calls?
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  10. I don't know much about his incorrect calls, but he was bearish about the stock market in the 90's.

    But he said he won't long/short a position unless it is insanely low/high, so even if he is incorrect, he won't loss much. In this aspect, he is very much like Buffet.

    For all my admiration, I admit it is very hard to trade/invest like him.
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