Are there any Jim Rogers' fans here?

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  1. I first read about Jim Rogers in the Market Wizards book. At first you might think his strategies are too simple, maybe even too boring. In the Market Wizards book (and if you read his Worth columns and his book "Investment biker"), he likes to talk about the big macro picture rather than being a "trader" focused only on the day to day.

    The one thing I loved about his whole philosophy on investing was the concept of "nothing changes". Bull and bear markets are always the same. You don't need to come up with new strategies every year. You have fear and panic at major bottoms and euphoria at major tops. Whether it's tulip mania, the gold bubble in 1980 or internet stocks in '99, it's all the same. Some of the macro calls he's made have been right on the mark (calling the crash of '87, the top of the Nikkei bubble, the bottom in commodity prices in '99, the internet bubble etc). Of course he's had his share of misses (being bearish on US equities starting in '94!).

    Have you gotten anything worthwhile from Jim Rogers? He brings a different viewpoint to the table that you wouldn't get ordinarily. And his track record with Soros is hard to match by anyone.
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    nothing changes because human beings never change...

    and rogers was extraordinarily good at going after the big moves...

    as for being wrong...

    soros said sthg to the effect that he isn't right more than the next person, he's just quicker at cutting his losses...

    and, famously, it's not how often you're right that counts, it's how much you earn when you are right that is the most relevant determinant of your success...

    i have great respect for both of them not just because no trader is financially worth more than soros - and rogers, who left the partnership very early, after all, did extremely well also and is continuing to do so - but also because they both always committed an enormous amount of money to social and political causes they believed in...

    soros to the tune of at least usd 300 mill of his own money every year...

    and that's admirable to say the least.

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    Jim Rogers is cool.. I watch him on the fox financial prog on saturdays and he seems a nice guy and he sure is an individual.. interesting life he has led..

  4. We need Brother Jim to appear more frequently on CNBC...
  5. Brother Jim was bearish on the US markets all through the 90s. I wonder if he put on any trades at that time. If so he got his clock cleaned. TBH, after watching him on CNBC for quite a while I came to the conclusion that while Rogers + Soros at Quantum may have been the dream team, Rogers solo was like superman with kryptonite.
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    I really like Roger's for entertainment. I haven't really made any money off any of his ideas. Since I ran into him and started learning about him (early 90's) he has always had the same attitude: short stocks, long commodities.

    He started a commodities fund a few years back and I hear it is doing well, after a few years of mediocre returns.
  7. I like him too but you have to wonder what he was thinking in his vehicle choice for the trip. Yeah, mercedes is cool, but a 2 seater with that trailer? Seems like a dumb choice to me.
  8. Yes, and I love his approach: Always short hysteria...The markets has not changed since the tulip mania, and never will, because people will always be people.
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    another one from jim came true.
    said to buy austrian stock index up 57% this yr. vs. 7% for the dax.

    a real down to earth guy.
  10. I met Jim at a book signing session a few years ago (the book was Investment Biker)...

    He is a short, unassuming gentleman... I recall him wearing a bow tie and formal shirt... with jeans!

    I respect him as a trader and for his life philosophy...
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