Are there any Jewish republicans?

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  1. Thursday, June 21, 2007

    Bloomberg at least was smart enough to realize that one sure bet in this presidential cycle coming up is that unless the Democrats decide to nominate Al Sharpton, there is no chance a Republican is going to be president. Americans have had enough. The party's over.

    I often comment on how sick and self-loathing a gay person has to be-- how severely mentally and emotionally disturbed-- in order to somehow justify being part of the GOP, a party forever running on a platform that declares that gay men and women are somehow less than the rest of us. But there are gay Republicans, even above and beyond the loony bin known as the Log Cabin Republicans and above and beyond the predators like Mark Foley (R-FL) and Jim West (R-WA) and Larry Craig (R-ID) hiding behind anti-gay rhetoric to pursue a personal agenda of anti-social behavior, instead of a normal, healthy gay lifetsyle-- which the GOP is hysterical to nullify-- but a lifetstyle based on fear and shame and self-hatred, Gay the Republican Way, a lifetsyle that leads to molesting children (Foley and West) and seeking out relationships in public toilets (Craig). Yes, beyond this are gay Republicans whose politics are driven by greed and avarice and ditziness and ignorance. And, of course, there are gay racists and bigots too, who think by kicking someone perceived as slightly down the ladder of contempt they can find some kind of acceptance among the master class.

    Formerly this kind of analysis would have worked perfectly well in discussing Jews who joined the party of Hatred and Bigotry as well. But things have changed. The evangelical psychopaths who have come to power inside the GOP have embraced Zionism. In fact, one of the most extreme nutcases in the whole fascist wing of the GOP, Eric Cantor (R-VA) is Jewish! A few weeks ago my friend Seymour asserted that there are good Republicans but when I asked him to name one he couldn't come up with one beyond Jacob Javits (RIP). I wish I could say there are no Jewish Republicans beyond Eric Cantor-- or even no Jewish evil Republicans beyond Eric Cantor. But that would be wishful thinking.

    Now with Bloomberg switching-- party affiliation, not religious creed-- there is one less Jewish Republican (albeit of the not especially evil kind). I have to believe that if enough Jewish Republicans contemplated what their zionist evangelical "allies" had in mind for them, there might be considerably more ex-Republican Jews. In fact, I'd love to ask, Congressman Cantor-- he of the voting record so far right that even Hitler might look the other way for a few moments-- how he feels about this lovely story by J. Grant Swank, Jr., one of the allies, Bible Predicts Middle East Blood Flow. And just to be clear, that's Jew blood he's writing about, but just the stubborn ones who refuse to see the Light.

    Prophecy continues to unfold. The Bible has warned about Middle East turmoil increasing "in the latter times."

    In Ezekiel 36-39, God speaks of bringing Jews from around the world to Israel, not because they deserve their own land but to vindicate His holy name. They besmirched deity's holy name by repeatedly sinning over centuries; but God will not tolerate His holiness smeared without vindication, hence Jews gravitating to Israel "in the end times."

    So look to the divine miracle: May 14, 1948, when Israel became a nation for the first time in centuries. Jews from all over the globe went to Israel, their homeland.

    Ezekiel predicted Israel's flourishing: herds, flocks, fruitage, ruined cities rebuilt.

    With Israel having settled in, however, biblical predictions go on to state that the enemies surrounding Israel attack Jews mercilessly. Blood flows like rivers.

    Natural calamities come also upon Israel, convincing Jews and Gentiles alike that God is God and that His holiness must be recognized.

    Far be it from me to try to convince these Bronze Age mentality primitives that their savage fairy tales are a waste of time. However, when the Founder Fathers' collective wisdom can be shunted aside by a mental pygmy like George Bush and the syncophants and Machiavellians-- Mayberry and otherwise-- around him, I have to at least start to worry. And I really do have to worry about someone like Eric Cantor for not worrying. Cantor is the only Republican in the House. In the Senate there's Arlen Specter and Lieberman and former Jew (I guess he already saw the light) Norm Coleman and Hawaii has the only Jewish Republican Governor, Linda Lingle.