Are there any hedge funds in Texas?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by snackly, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. snackly


    A friend of mine is looking to move to Texas. He currently works at a hedge fund, and would like to remain in finance. I have heard there are a fair number of hedge funds in Texas, but we're having trouble finding them.

    Does anyone know of a list of hedge funds?
  2. Persdawg


    a few in Dallas where i am...couple in austin and houston...
  3. mxjones


    In 45 seconds I pulled up Google, typed in "hedge fund texas" and found many resources. The fifth one down is a blogger that lists a lot of funds and resources to find funds in Texas.

    Google - give it a shot.
  4. We have plenty here in TX.....AUS, DFW, HOU all have headquarters for funds.
  5. snackly


    Yeah I saw that link, it doesn't really give a full list or even partial list.

    Seems there are a lot of funds there. We're not sure how to approach them for jobs.

    Does anyone know any recruiters in the Texas area? He's willing to go to Houston, but prefers Austin or Dallas.

    If anyone can PM me with some names of funds that you know of that would be appreciated.