are there any great traders out there willing to be compensated

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  1. im looking for a very profitable trader who has a edge that they can teach which is very profitable and i will compensate them pm me please
  2. Imagine what his PM box looks like :)
  3. The answer is no. It's against the trader's best interest to dilute his edge. Any offers you receive in PM aren't worth the time or money to pursue.
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    You have found the right place. The ongoing rate is $5, but some of us are willing to give you a break....
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    I agree with you in principle, however for the right trainee looking for a long term arrangement, the "compensation" is sticking around as a skilled trader. I have 2 traders who I sit with who started 10+ years ago, as 100 share traders and now have 10 million+ buying power. The long term reward for me is 6 versus 2 eyes looking at the screens during the day. I have made 100's of times what any training fee would have been over the years by having them with me, and in turn they have (hopefully) made as much off me. More a case of the whole being better than the sum of its parts.

    BTW - not looking for anyone :)
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    Mark Fisher, Richard Dennis and surely others have taught others. These guys do not worry about losing any "EDGE". Mark also says it helps his clearing business by getting traders to follow his methods and stick around.

    I, as stated before, thought Marks method was like "MINE" so i bought the book to review his ACXD method. YEP, quite like my own ideas. The point being that my "PERSONAL" discoveries in the mkt are NOTHING NEW. Another sameness of methods also appears in another persons works, naturally with some different wrinkles and twists, but in GENERAL, the same stuff. That working method is from John Clayburg called the Directional day Filter.

    My simple version of trading off the open range, open bar, open price (take your pick) is basically as theirs and others methods.

    The fun part of my method was NOT discovering it in someones book, but to come up with the method on my own from actual trading under live fire. That is the only way to learn, that is the best teacher, good ole "OJT" on the job training......

    In a old war movie the other day: "A wing and a Prayer" the navel Officer says to the other guy who was questioning an ORDER from the superior officer. The Commander said to the guy: "Your duty is NOT to question any order, Your duty is to FOLLOW the order WITHOUT question"........:D

    Can that be taught in a non-military situation? i think so, but it is harder to drill into someones head that trading is also a life or death situation and orders ar to be followed.
  7. Fisher was looking for clearing business and Dennis was one of the first props. What does a successful independent trader gain by wetnursing your ass? Lemme take a wild guess... you sent the thread-starter a PM.
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    Wrong, no pm sent. I developed my own method, as stated. Reread my post, see if you catch on to the gist of the praise for finding ones own way.....others are helpful for sure. What is your problem with that?......:)
  9. Any successful trader willing to open the vault does so with full knowledge that his edge is primarily discretionary/methodology. Try to find one very successful automated trader who will sell their system; simply won't happen due to lack of any "analog" rules. The succesful automated trader would never dilute his edge which is 100% dependent on methodology/discretionary factors.
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    I would let you sit and watch me.......:D

    I will grant you this for sure: IF, a person wrote and traded a system that was automated and was workable, and since the footwork was done by the writer of the program, he/she has every right to keep it inhouse.

    I just do not believe there is a single system out there that is BASED on ANYTHING NEW, PERIOD.

    We all have the same tools available for use, kind of like a RENT-A-SIGNAL shop for traders. If you rented my tools (they work really well) you and everyone else would not use them as i do. That statement is as true in general as is the statement about the number of losers in this game.

    I would not use YOUR tools as you do....WHY NOT? Because i have my own biases and you do yours.

    I look at a chart and intuition alerts me to make i have ingrained in the noodles up there to either pay attention to or to just forget as regular mkt noise. I do not trade noise, i trade spots where something SHOULD, MIGHT, COULD happen. I play the breakouts, not all breakouts, just the ones that tingle me.....That is a DEVELOPED EDGE....... Many traders have problems trading breakouts, others do not. Just like i totally ignore some tools that others make wheelbarrels of money with. :)
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