Are there any good trading discussion boards that charge a fee?

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  1. if you know any trading boards that charge a fee let me know. (I just had to edit and add please :p )
  2. Claudius


    I know of an excellent one. :)

    Unfortunately it requires a referal fee. :(

    PM me, and we'll discuss payment details.
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  4. Although I won't recommend The Motley Fool's official articles on particular stocks - most of them, to me, sound biased - I like some of their message boards. The OSTK board actually had Patrick Byrne on it for awhile, participating in a rollicking debate.
  5. I have a system that will guarantee 100% return in 5 months (wink, wink). You, me, and a lawyer sit down and we can discuss your payment to me for this "guranteed" info about a chat room (wink, wink).

    Original Post:

    Hi guys I am excited and ready to tell you this

    I have a forex system for sale, it is not fully atomized human monitoring is needed generates 2-7 trades per day any pair will do.

    System does 100% return in 4-5 months, conservatively 5.5 months.

    I am in Vancouver

    I will fly to your location, we will get a lawyer to hold the payment for system as third party.

    After lawyer receives money, I must disclose the system and guarantee 100% return in 5.5 months.

    If I am unable to do it, lawyer will return your money and no final deal will be made.

    LET the bidding start.

    Secret bids may also be made in PM.

    Also for all you already wealthy traders out there, keep in mind forex executes 10 mil on EUR/USD without moving a pip, so this is viable for you as well.


    12-03-06 11:41 PM

    Quote from confused,Whiny-ass Bitch:

    Mr. Whiner there is just one problem

    you are joking, instead of Re-reading my original post in this thread

    you are avoiding the fact that you don't know what you are talking about

    step aside and let real traders do business

    Two weeks, seventy-six posts, and not one but TWO systems for sale... ehh, that's about right...

    Real Traders do it for Money... Not Snake Oil pennies.