Are there any good stock traders posting on ET?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by traderich, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. I am wondering if there are any good traders actively posting on ET.

    There has been much talk about how poorly daytraders do overall over any extended period of time.

    I would like to pose this challenge to anyone who is up for it:

    Looking at a list of stocks (say 10), can you as a daytrader using whatever techniques you use (i.e. magic eightball, etc.) do better than 50% (i.e. 5 stocks) .

    In other words, are your methods or indicators better than 50/50 (guessing) if a stock will close the day up or down.

    I am interested in seeing if there really are any good daytraders who post here who could over a 1-2 week period do significantly better than a monkey could!

    o.k. I guess I am the monkey!

    If you are interested in the challenge, PM me.

    I am going to put up some money for this challenge.
  2. There are many good traders on here.....lot's of us post regularily, or irregularily, on the Trader P&L thread.
  3. The avergae daytrader could care less if a stock closes up or down on the day, they only care about intraday swings and catching them in the right direction. If they can catch a down move of $0.30 in the I assume most would not care if it actually closed up or down except maybe in their studies of daily charts.
  4. Nobody will take you serious when they see that you've been here since 2005.


    Haven't you notice the Trader P/L 2007 thread at all. :confused:

    If your challenge is serious...

    You've already lost the bet long before you thought about it.

    Thus, its safe to assume your just joking in light of the profit/loss statements in the Trader P/L 2007 thread.

    P.S. Sometimes you have quoted traders without the quotation marks here at ET.

    This makes it look like your the person that wrote the original message when in fact someone else wrote it and your just quoting the other person without adding your own words above/below nor among the quote.

    Is it possible you did that again in starting this thread. :confused:

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    What will you offer for this challenge? Disclosing picks that will outperform the market, and potentially giving away a working strategy the trader has worked hard to develop, is not something the GOOD traders will be keen on doing.
  6. their are profitable traders that can trade intra-day as well as pick stocks that can move directionally over several days , in making more money.. do you want a pure daytrader.. or a short term trader that can get a bigger move per say.. kind of a hybrid trader if you follow, a different skill set... only objective is being profitable regardless of time frame.. which one?
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    I think what traderich is trying to do is compare his simple yet profitable method to another daytrader's (more complicated )strategy and see which one is the more profitable trading style.