Are There Any Futures Prop Firms

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  1. Are there any prop firms that let you trade es futures
  2. Exactly how much leverage do you think you need to make money trading the ES?
  3. I noticed that there are several US prop firms for equities, I have not seen any for futures market. Just wondering what was out there. A good friend of mine trades for a prop firm in europe.
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    Why does" seems like most" Traders want to be a "prop Trader"
    Why do you want to go to work as a prop trader . Do you know what most "prop traders" are these days. They are c^ programmers and the like. Who get there trading parameters from Quant math majors. And statistical and probability gurus. I know of only 2 large prop shops in Chicago who have any discretionary screen traders. The rest is all grey box. Even a proven experienced traders best spit is 50/50. And if your not proven your lot size isnt much more than you could do in retail account with 300 margins for quite some time. With low margins decent platforms and the same market latency as a firm. If you really can trade there isnt much of a reason to work as a prop trader. I have worked on both trading floors here. And as a "Prop Trader" . And for me. As trading technology and margins rates became better for the retail trader I dont see a good reason to trade for others. And I can say no one is going to fund a "learning curve"