Are there any free realtime charts?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by bigshark, Feb 15, 2007.

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    I'm looking for a chart software, but not sure what to use... Searched on the internet, but only found software that has no real trial... I don't want to have a very professional software, that costs much, and definitely don't want to throw out any money on the windows just to see what a program can give...

    Can anyone help?
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    Both and are free and real time for indexes, but you have to refresh the screen manually...
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    Big shark;
    Not much worthwhile free, in the ''sea'' of trading but see these.

    Interactive Brokers does;
    for account holders,free real time charts for stocks/derivatives. Like IB says ,have another broker & charts as back up

    Lots of thier moving averages strangly default to 9 ;
    but fortunately you /i can change it:cool:

    OXPS [oxptions express] has free charts for account holders[no minimum to open account];
    real time options & stock thru prophet net. Thier data goes all the way back to 1987;
    in some cases to 1929 downtrend ,1933 uptrend

    :cool: All these are pleasant to ones eyes/highly readable/adjustable.
  4. And OXPS/prophet charts are fine for time frames of;
    13 minutes and longer.Probably my all time favorite for daily & weekly charts.

    IB seems to work better for smaller candle chart time frame entry.:cool:
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  6. you can open account at and have all their tools for free(real-time data feed for stocks and options). You don't need to have a lot of money on account, $1 is enough :)
  7. just21