are there any forex platforms that have charts that link?

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  1. i trade stocks but now im looking to open a fx account but i cant find a platform that lets me type up a pair in one chart and changes all my other charts to that pair
  2. ok no one can help me ?:mad:
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    Let me get this straight...

    - you come into a new (to you) forum as a guest

    - you ask a question

    - at the same time you ask exactly the same question in another forum... a big no-no on ET or any online board

    - you wait all of 26 minutes

    - fewer than 20 pairs of eyeballs have had a chance to even view your question, let alone post a specific, helpful reply

    - many of whom trade or have another job to attend to, especially at this time of day

    - THEREFORE, YOU CONCLUDE THAT "no one can help" you

    Does that about sum it up?

    WTF is wrong with you?

    Welcome to forex.
  4. All free forex charting offered by Fx sopt brokers are
    garbage, including GFT. And i don't remember if anyone
    offers window linking

    Try tradestation, esignal,......I recommend Tradestation
    because more advance and cheaper, while esignal have
    slightly better data feed.
  5. thanks for your help and for the smart ass yes your right people are working lucky i caught that tyc stock in the morning made 2k and change so i guess i had some free time on my hand but sorry to disturb you from your work
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    I don't think that any of the platforms offered by any of the big retail forex market makers have that capability. I have seen CMC, GAIN, and FXCM. CMC has the best platform, but it does take up a lot of RAM. In their defense, I would like to say that they are offering this all for free. You will have to go with an outside data vendor like CQG or Tradestation if you want that capability.
  7. thanks i have tried fxcm whats the website for cmc thankyou
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  9. esignal has the best symbol link I've seen implemented. I subscribed for that reason alone.
  10. yes i use esignal for listed stocks i think its 50 a month extra for forex but im looking for the best free charts but none of the free charts link to each other. thanks for the cmc website
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