Are there any firms that DON'T charge their traders $1,000 per training session?

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  1. LOL ! i still don't understand the fee. will they not make that many many many times over from a succesful or even a break even trader who stays ?? ?? one still needs to put up their own capital. the fee is a JOKE.


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  2. alanm


    Personally, I think charging someone a reasonable training fee is a good way to make them take it seriously, and weed out those that would not, or worse, those that would make it hard for others to do so.

    If the training is not worth the fee, that is a different issue.
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  3. I guess by the same token, prop firms should charge high commissions to weed out those who don't take trading seriously.:confused:
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  4. the $1000 training fee is a joke at bright, but the real bs is that they have a $600/ month desk fee, another way for them to scam a trader, which is not necessary- they can easily make up rent. T1 expenses, etc in the commission overrides. Dont mention the fact that they say they will rebate 2/3 to you, but its ONLY if you stay under their golden handcuffs rule and its not until december, but april. In the meantime, you suffer because the offices are run half-ass and the first alert software is complete crap. Brights have their hands in so many pockets its rediculous. Why do you think they promote so heavily to recruit new traders for training- they are making $1000 a pop off of a few hundred traders a year, teaching them only the basics and high-volume low return commission churning strategies. pretty savvy business plan for them, but if you really know whats up in this industry, it raises your antennae. I dont trade prop, but if I did, it would definitely be with a more reputable outfit.
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  5. The cast of CNBC is hilarious, you just need a sense of humor!

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  6. Once again, pure lies by a person who hides behind an alias. I challenge your ill-informed alias to a debate about all this. I know you won't accept it , and I know you don't sound like a successful trader, and yes, I am responding in like kind to a to take me up on beech (obvious mis-spelling) .

    (see Don smile, what a dork). First, we don't charge our traders for advanced training, we don't charge $600 rent (We actually refund all rent to seasoned traders, with interest)....our training is second to none, our success speaks for itself, and as in all businesses, the whiners end up backfiring all over themselves.
    We don't recommend FA software to anyone.
    Am I to assume that "YOU" "know what's going on in this industry?"

    We grow via "attraction AND promotion" and primarily through education. But, as they say "you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make a horse's ass into a trader"...

    When you reach maturity and are ready for the real world let me know.

    (to the ET monitors: Please let this person get into a live chat room with me, so everyone can see real time the difference between traders and whiners....I leave this open for a week, to give beech a chance to prepare some dismal response).

    I am "pumped" up after watching Arnold, and also the Demo's debate.

    Have a great day everyone!!

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  7. burnin


    do you use
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  8. I don't personally, but we have a few that do.

    Is it working for you?

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    yes but has become poor imo as of does this grab you?this is a add from monster that they just put in.....

    "Seeking half trader half reporter with a great voice to broadcast financial news and analysis from our NYC studio. Candidate must have strong equity markets, news, and analysis experience of at least 5-7 years.

    Must be willing to maintain composure under pressure and understand up to the second deadlines. Successful options and equities trading background required. CFA, Bloomberg, and trading system coding experience a plus."

    now directly from their website.......
    "Unlike many online providers, we do not trade in front of our news and information. As a matter of principle we do not even trade off of any of the information we provide. It eliminates the risk of ethical conflict and self-serving commentary"

    smells like pooh to me
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  10. Let me see, if we find a succesful trader, who likes reporting, who wants to trade that in for a small (or zero) salaried job...Hmmm?? Makes one wonder. However, they could simply call me, I could be the Bill O'Reilly of "expert' correspondents... or maybe just Geraldo.....better yet, the Jerry Springer of Wall Street.

    And you can see how well I maintain my composure under fire, just look back to beeches post and

    Don :p
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